IMDB is giving the following as this film's informal alternative title: Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt.Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen adapts another character from Da Ali G show, this time assuming the persona of a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion designer. This is apparently shot in the same way they did Borat, with most of the people involved not realizing that Bruno is just a fictional character. I suspect this may be just as funny as Borat was, but we'll have to wait until July 10 to know for sure.

Really? A remake of the 1980 film? It's not something I would have thought people were clamoring for but the movie looks to be in the mold of modern dance flicks, and there's a catchy modernization of the classic theme song. If Step Up 2 The Streets is your kind of thing then Fame may work for you. Look for it on September 25.

Powder Blue
Indie drama about four individuals including a suicidal minister who has lost his faith (Forest Whitaker), a retired hit man (Ray Liotta), a single mom stripper (Jessica Biel) and a socially awkward mortician. In addition to these three stars we have Patrick Swayze and Kris Kristofferson rounding out an appealing cast. The story looks compelling, not just because of the strip tease scenes, but they certainly don't hurt. Watch for this in limited release on April 24. a href="">
The Taking of Pelham 123

This is the second trailer for this remake of the 1974 thriller. John Travolta chews the scenery to entertaining effect as a terrorist who takes the passengers on a New York subway car hostage, and Denzel Washington is dispatcher Travolta's character must go through to make his demands known. Not a remarkable looking movie, but may be a decent time killer come June 12.

Easy Virtue - Jessica Biel stars in this adaptation of a Noel Coward play. Biel plays an American woman who can't possibly measure up to the expecations of the British family she has married into. This one will get a limited release on May 22.

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