It's no secret that I do film reviews, some silly "Splat Chat" interviews, and a few random set reports for the FEARnet website, but I figure those facts are worth repeating before I go on. So there. Duly repeated. Ahem.

Dear Time-Warner Cable / Brighthouse,

You've greatly disappointed a whole lot of horror fans by unceremoniously dropping FEARnet On Demand from your line-up. We humbly request that you reconsider this decision at your earliest convenience.

For the detailed story on what's happening between FEARnet and Time-Warner, I refer you to this earnest plea at the FEARnet website. And then I'll refer you to websites like AICN, CHUD, Slashfilm, Bloody-Disgusting, Cnefantastique, Dread Central, ShockTillYouDrop, Rotten Tomatoes, Spill, HitFix, The Geek Couch, Screen Junkies, and passionate bloggers like Final Girl, The Horror Club, Eternal Vigilance, Horror Fatale, The Horror Geek, Horrors Not Dead, and The Vault of Horror. (In all fairness to coportate behemoth Time-Warner Cable, they very well could be planning to bring FEARnet back into the fold at any time, which is why I ask all horror fans to make their requests politely and with much civility. This is not so much an "Us vs. Them" thing as it is a "Hey! We like FEARnet more than you think!" thing. Thanks.)

Oh, and just so we all know what sort of stuff is at stake here, I'd happily refer you to this FEARnet page. It offers Fred Dekker's Night of the Creeps in its entirety. Yeah, that's how FEARnet rolls.
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