He's terrorized Veronica Mars, he's chilled with Jennifer's Body, he's been through A Haunting in Connecticut, and now Kyle Gallner is getting more horror. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the young actor has grabbed the lead teen role in the new, Jackie Earle Haley-starring A Nightmare on Elm Street. He'll play Quentin, and indie kind of guy who runs a school podcast called "Insomnia Radio." While not the same role, it's basically the gig Johnny Depp had in the original. Will he also die by bedding? And, can Elm Street be the same without a horde of Just the Ten of Us sisters?

Meanwhile, Virginia Madsen is defying gravity. Variety reports the actress is getting involved with a new documentary called Fighting Gravity. The project focuses on women ski jumpers, and their battle to get the right to compete in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Specifically, it'll follow 15 female athletes who have challenged the Intl. Olympic Committee's decision to bar them from the games -- making it the only men-only sport in the Games. Sometimes it's hard to believe we're in 2009...

Finally, Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci are teaming up once again. Most recently, the pair both made English language remakes of Theo van Gogh's work (Interview and Blind Date). Now Variety reports the friends have created a new shingle, Olive Productions, and have signed a first-look deal with Lionsgate to develop and produce television shows for cable and broadcast networks. The pair are already being commended for their "daring, innovative aesthetic," and I can only hope that from time to time they'll also jump in front of the camera.
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