It's a slow, post-Easter release week...

The Reader
Older woman meets much younger man. They have an affair, years go by, and then they meet again when she's brought to court with Nazi war crime charges. The film earned Kate Winslet an Academy Award for her performance while also grabbing four other nominations. But is The Reader worth it? In her review, Jette said that the "structure of The Reader is rambling and hard to follow," but "like many end-of-year films, the performances are what makes the film most worth watching." Rent it.

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The Spirit
It whipped up enough buzz, but unfortunately, the eager excitement just wasn't there -- both before and after release. As Scott said: "The Spirit is simply an empty vessel. It's a bunch of cool-looking visuals that should be looking for a half-decent plot, but are just too damn happy being cool-looking visuals." Need you hear more unhappiness? Skip it. Also on Blu-ray.

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American Swing
We're not talking about retro dancing here. Matthew Kaufman and Jon Hart's film looks into the wonder of Plato's Retreat -- a notorious sex club from 1970s New York City. William Goss just said that the film had a narrow scope, and it's "admittedly fascinating and informative, but to a fault, always offering more illumination about a certain crowd and their sexual identity than that of the generation they were a part of." Rent it if you're in a sexy, swingin' mood.

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Also out: Crude Impact, House of Saddam

Mean Girls

What could be better in high definition than a bunch of mean girls clothed in a sea of pink? Just 5 years ago, it was a different world. Amanda Seyfried was some new girl, Rachel McAdams was on the brink of Notebook notoriety, Lacey Chabert was just kinda there, and then Miss Lindsay Lohan -- this was before all her struggles killed her career. The most popular teen film in ages, this release should please the masses with bright colors and worthy special features.

8 Mile
For a self-indulgent rap film whipped up by Eminem, 8 Mile was surprisingly good, even if it led to no big-screen explosion like Marky Mark. As Highdefdigest explains -- this Blu-ray release is good for the sounds, but lacking extras to boost it past the last, regular DVD release. This one is all about the sound and visuals.

The Last Kiss
It never wowed like Garden State, but this Zach Braff film did have an unusual treatment of romance going for it. (Not one that's necessarily worthy, but sometimes you take what you can get.) The Blu-ray, well, it's much like the movie: "The video on this disc is solid but unspectacular, while the audio is a bit subdued, and the supplements are hit-or-miss."

Also out: The Seven Year Itch, The Thirteenth Floor, Cranford, IMAX: Deep Sea/Into the Sea, Strange Wilderness, Universal Soldier: The Return