For better or worse, we're living in a generation dominated by the "tweens." Granted, I think this is largely the media and movie industry being reminded that the young exist, have a little disposable income, and like soft, safe movies with Zac Efron and sparkly vampires. I don't mean that as dismissively as it may sound. Adolescence is an awkward thing, as I'm sure we all remember, and while I don't want the tastes of 10-13 ruling studios for the next ten years, it's good to cater to them with a movie or two.

Thinking back though, I'm at a loss as to what ruled my tween / teen years. I was an odd duck though, focused on Renaissance Faires and all things medieval, so the only thing that looms very large is Braveheart. I also remember being quite impressed by Legends of the Falland Brad Pitt's long, tousled hair. I believe he and Mel Gibson were my first pin-ups, which I'm sure explains a lot about me to this day.

Though I know I was hideously out of touch with my demographic, I wonder if my generation is a "lost" one of 20-somethings that escaped being pigeonholed into a particular taste and demographic. Casper was about as gently gushy as we got. There was no in-between like Twilight, you had to jump straight from Disney into Tarantino. It was eye-opening and kind of scary, and makes me empathize with those who enjoy a chaste stepping stone of Hannah Montana and Edward Cullen. I know I was too young to see some of that stuff ... but then again, I also turned out just fine.

With that thought in mind, I think it's time we all took a trip down memory lane and confess who and what we flocked to the theaters for. I'm not talking "Oh my God, everyone was talking about Pulp Fiction!" (although that can qualify) but the films, actors, and actresses who ruled your awkward years. Maybe you're like me, and can look on your formative film years with a minimum of embarrassment (come on, what girl didn't want to cure Tristan Ludlow of PTSD?), or perhaps you look back and cringe at way Keanu Reeves or Alicia Silverstone ruled your heart. Maybe you look on this teen / tween trend as something that's a little dangerous for the future of film fans. Tell us your thoughts, if only to remind the whipper-snappers that Grease and Interview with the Vampire came first, and kept us awake at night for the same romantic reasons.
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