Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Elizabeth Banks go varying degrees of crazy in new releases.

As Hollywood's latest Psycho Female Stalker movie 'Obsessed' rules the box office, the week's top two DVD releases feature a little bit of the same crazy-lady flavor.

Elizabeth Banks channels 'Hand That Rocks the Cradle' femme fatale Rebecca De Mornay in 'The Uninvited,' only this time, there are ghosts, too. And while Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson don't necessarily get (outwardly) violent in 'Bride Wars,' their rival Bridezillas are pretty damn scary, too.

Also out this week: The underseen Boston-set crime drama 'What Doesn't Kill You.' Get the full scoop on this week's DVD releases, plus our recommendations from weeks' past.

a href="">'The Uninvited'
What It's About:
Life sucks for Anna (Bryce Dallas Howard-lookalike Emily Browning), who was committed after her mom's death. Now, not only is her dad's new girlfriend (Elizabeth Banks) one creepy, creepy chick, Anna's being haunted by the ghosts of the children her future stepmom likely killed.

It's Kind of Like:'Cinderella' meets 'The Ring'

Critical Consensus: Remakes of Asian horror films are still all the rage (this one a new take on 'A Tale of Two Sisters'), but they seem to be getting progressively worse. 'Uninvited' scored a scary 33 percent approval rating on RottenTomatoes, with most critics bemoaning its incredibly lame ending.

Special Features? Maybe the filmmakers took those reviews to heart. The DVD features an alternate ending (try that one first!), as well as deleted scenes and a making-of doc.

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'Bride Wars'
What It's About: When they make the cataclysmic mistake of scheduling their weddings on the same day, BFFs Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson turn into stark raving lunatics determined to make each other's life hell.

It's Kind of Like:'27 Dresses' meets 'Kill Bill'

Critical Consensus: This year's requisite wedding comedy (see also '27 Dresses,' 'Made of Honor,' etc) got dumped hard by critics, registering a paltry 12 percent approval rating on RottenTomatoes and inspiring one bad matrimonial quip after another ("Don't bother to RSVP"; "A movie best left at the altar"; "I don't").

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'What Doesn't Kill You'
What It's About:
South Boston BFFs Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo pay the bills via various crime (knocking off trucks, robbing drug dealers and occasionally, kidnapping poodles) until various setbacks (crack addiction, bullets, prison) threaten to divide them.

It's Kind of Like:'Good Will Hunting' meets 'The Boondock Saints'

What We Say: Based on the true story of the film's writer-director, Brian Goodman (what, are there Hollywood agents swarming in Southie?) this engaging crime drama went virtually unnoticed when it slipped in and out of theaters last December. But it's worth a look on DVD for the phenomenal acting by its leads, especially the usually subdued Ruffalo, who disappears under the skin of his tortured, explosive badass.

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Other New Releases:
'Hotel for Dogs'
'Legally Blondes'

New on Blu-ray:
'The Da Vinci Code'
'The Reader'

New DVD Recommendations

    'Slumdog Millionaire'

    Release Date: March 31

    What It's About:The nuggets of wisdom an uneducated teen (Dev Patel) learns growing up in the cruel slums of Mumbai (and beyond) correspond perfectly with the questions he faces on India's version of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'

    It's Kind of Like: 'Quiz Show' meets 'City of God'

    What We Say: For having a plot as gimmicky as detailed above, the fact that 'Slumdog' works so well is almost shocking. It's a fantasy steeped in a harsh reality that combines elements of drama, comedy, romance, action and adventure in conjuring up pure movie magic. Now I wish every movie ended with a Bollywood dance number.

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    Fox Searchlight

    'Quantum of Solace'

    Release Date: March 24

    What It's About: After losing the love of his life, a vengeful James Bond (Daniel Craig) is out to take kick ass, take names and -- of course -- entertain on a couple new bed buddies in this direct sequel to 'Casino Royale.'

    What We Say: Whereas 'Royale' spent plenty of energy acclimating us to the new (blond!) 007 with wit, charm, romance and action, 'Solace' is all about the turbo-charged action. This didn't play well with some critics, but we'll take stylish Bond carnage over your average actioner ('Transporter' anyone?) any day.

    Special Features? Unless you're only in it for the Jack White-Alicia Keys music video for 'Another Way to Die' (the sole bonus feature on the single-disc edition), opt for the two-disc, which features several making-of docs, and most importantly, more Olga Kurylenko.

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    Craig-Forster Unscripted



    Release Date: March 24

    What It's About: Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) is not a super-dog, he just plays one on TV. Of course Bolt doesn't know that. When he unwittingly lands in NYC, the lost dog recruits a cranky cat and hilarious hamster (aren't they all?) for a cross-country jaunt back to his loyal owner/co-star (Miley Cyrus) in Hollywood.

    It's Kind of Like: 'Underdog' meets 'Homeward Bound'

    Critical Consensus: There's no stopping talking dog movies -- but there are no singing Chihuahua armies in this animated adventure, which is probably why it fared well with critics, scoring an impressive 86 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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    50 Best Movies of 2008



    Release Date: March 17

    What It's About: Believing it's to good to be true and thus doomed to fail, a celebrated college professor (Ben Kingsley) does everything in his power to screw up his relationship with a sexy student (Penelope Cruz).

    It's Kind of Like: 'The Visitor' with sex appeal

    What We Say: This underseen romantic drama about dealing with self-doubt in relationships is elegant, sophisticated and yes, even sexy (never thought we'd say that about a Ben Kingsley movie this decade). And it also reinforces the immortal words of Aaliyah: Age ain't nuthin' but a number, Sir Ben.

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    Sony Classics


    Release Date: March 10

    What It's About:Sean Penn is Harvey Milk, the iconic San Francisco politician who became the first openly gay man elected to office in the U.S. in 1977. Josh Brolin is the jerk who assassinates him.

    What We Say:Gus Van Sant's biopic of the slain leader is much more conventional than you might expect, but not any less affecting or inspiring. Penn's performance is a triumph. And given the recent passage of Prop 8 in California, the film is as topical as they come.

    Awards & Nominations: Penn prevailed in the closest major race at the Oscars, edging out Comeback King Mickey Rourke ('The Wrestler') for Best Actor. The film also won Best Original Screenplay (Dustin Lance Black), but lost pretty much anywhere it was up against 'Slumdog.'

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    'Role Models'

    Release Date: March 10

    What It's About: Sentenced to community service after an energy drink-fueled rampage, "big brothers" Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott teach their "littles" how to stare at breasts without getting caught, plus more valuable life lessons.

    It's Kind of Like: 'Old School' meets 'Cop and a Half'

    What We Say: 'Tropic Thunder,' 'Pineapple Express' and 'Sarah Marshall' may have gotten more play, but 'Role Models' was the funniest comedy of 2008. Both brilliantly sophomoric and sneakily witty (thanks to Rudd's handprints on the script), it's a must-see, and even better on repeat.

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    'Rachel Getting Married'

    Release Date: March 10

    What It's About: Released from rehab for a weekend to attend her sister's wedding, Anne Hathaway's bundle of nerves Kym tries her hardest not to ruin the bohemian-flavored celebration for all.

    What We Say: Moviegoers were generally divided over this indie drama from Jonathan Demme. Fans praised its intimacy and realism. Count me in the camp that appreciated it, but found it comparable to watching someone's home video of the

    Awards & Nominations: If there's one reason to see 'Rachel,' it's Hathaway's stunning Academy Award-nominated performance (she was even an early favorite to win). It should be enough to make you forgive her for 'Bride Wars.'

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    Sony Classics

    'Let the Right One In'

    Release Date: March 10

    What It's About: In a small and wintry Swedish town, a young boy becomes BFFs with the new girl next door, who, it turns out, is a vampire starving for blood.

    What We Say: It's 'Twilight' for the arthouse crowd. Subtle but thoroughly chilling, this acclaimed import is one of the most sympathetic portraits of vampires you'll see. Eli (Lina Leandersson) may be deadly, but she's pretty damn adorable (and tortured), too.

    Where It Ranks: 'Let the Right One In' placed #29 on our list of 2008's 50 best movies.

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    Magnet Releasing

    'I've Loved You So Long'

    Release Date: March 3

    What It's About: When the long-missing and mysterious Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas) says at a dinner party she's been in prison the last 15 years for murder, people may laugh, but she ain't kidding. Her sister helps welcome her back into society.

    It's Kind of Like: 'Rachel Getting Married' in French

    Critical Consensus: Reviewers loved it so long, with the film scoring a 90 percent approval rating on RottenTomatoes.

    Awards & Nominations: Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress – Drama, the excellent-in-any-language Thomas was a longshot contender for a second Oscar nom (after 'The English Patient'), but was likely edged out by Melissa Leo.

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    Sony Classics

    'Dear Zachary'

    Release Date: Feb. 24

    What It's About: After his close friend Andrew is murdered, documentarian Kurt Kuenne sets out to make a film about Andrew's life for his son Zachary. But a shocking turn of events transforms the intended tribute into something far different.

    What We Say: This is a tiny, highly personal doc in the same vein as 'Capturing the Friedmans' that got next-to-no attention during its ultra-limited theatrical release, despite a nearly unanimous chorus of critics labeling it a must-see. We can only hope it finds an audience on DVD: It's one of the most devastatingly powerful and affecting documentaries ever made.

    Where It Ranks: 'Zachary' placed #30 on our list 2008's 50 best movies (can someone say Oscar snub?).

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