If you happen to have grown up during the 1980s, then you probably remember the oh-so-brief trend of break dancing (aka B-Boy) films. Granted, the trend didn't last long in Hollywood, but there were some memorable moments -- and I think we can all agree that Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo was the definitive low point. (Clearly you haven't seen Rappin', dear. -- SW)

But no matter how bad those films got, to this day I will still stay up way past my bedtime to catch Beat Street on the late show. After the thrill of the pop and lock had faded away, it seemed that B-Boy had become just another pop-culture footnote. Fast forward to the late 90's, and the B-Boy lifestyle made a resurgence on a global scale, and in Benson Lee's 2005 documentary B-Boy Planet, he showcased the B-Boy culture to awards and acclaim. These days dance flicks are everywhere you look, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Screen Gems will be getting in on the fun.

The project is currently in need ofx a writer to pen the tale of "a legendary b-boy crew that must return to its roots to reclaim the world championship by competing against the top international break dancing teams." The take is described as "8 Mile" meets "The Warriors." According to Lee, "B-boying is one of those street dances that has been co-opted in many films but never portrayed authentically," he said. "I want to present b-boying for what it actually is, which one of the most powerful street dances out there right now. And with so many countries involved, it presents a different kind of story than what we're normally used to seeing in street dance films." While I personally have a soft spot for dance films both good and bad, I'm especially curious to see if a feature film could finally give the 'art of the B-Boy and Girl' the credit it deserves.

As an added bonus, watch this clip and tell me these guys couldn't wipe the floor with those lightweights from Step it Up 2...
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