The disappointment of X-Men Origins: Wolverine may actually have been worth it if its $85 million debut gives Hugh Jackman the industry cred he's always seemed to lack. It's difficult to believe such a perfect guy isn't considered A-List, but even as recently as Australia, Fox was still trying to sell him as an A Manly Actor You Could Cast In Stuff. Well, Australia didn't convince anyone (though I think he was the one of the standouts of the film), but apparently Wolverine did.

According to Variety Jackman is just lining up projects right and left, all under his Seed Productions banner that he shares with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness and producer John Palermo. Yesterday's Ghostopolis was just the tip of the iceberg. Now he's actively planning Wolverine's Japan sequel for Fox. The studio has also bought Matt Lieberman's spec script Personal Security for him. Jackman will play a "tough Gotham police detective" forced to play bodyguard to a spoiled heiress. Sounds fluffy, but Jackman really does do comedy well, so it could be fun. But what's far more exciting than Jackman being Gotham City's Kevin Costner is the news that the long, long, long awaited Carousel may actually happen. Now a priority at Fox 2000, it has a finished script by David Magee. If you're a fan of the musical you might be a little worried to hear it's been updated, though Jackman promises it keeps the spirit of the original. He wants Anne Hathaway to be his Julie Jordan, but talks haven't even begun. Of all of Jackman's projects, this is the one I'm most desperate to see happen. While he's good in fluffy things like the upcoming Drive, he's capable of so much more than Wolverine. It's time he gets another film like The Prestige or The Fountain to prove it.

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