James Hyman is a DJ, turntablist and music supervisor who built a name for himself in Europe and around the world by creating a series of mash-up albums combining movie clips, dialogue quotes, and pop songs. Following the release of a James Bond/ 007 mix in June 2004, Hyman mounted his most ambitious project to date, a single-disc masterpiece entitled Pulp Mixin', a dizzying blend of Quentin Tarantino's dialogue and movie music set against the backdrop of the hottest pop music of the day. Not content to relegate his recording to a purely stereoscopic assault, Hyman recently announced that he is currently assembling a feature-length film that will make Tarantino's own genre mash-ups look as complicated as a kid combining two colors of play-doh.

Specifically, Hyman plans to use not only music videos and film clips from the samples he originally employed for his Pulp Mixin' CD, but throw in some new ones as well, and then dig up obscure performances from bands included on Tarantino's eclectic soundtracks in order to combine them all into a blitzkrieg mosaic of movie references and music cues. Provisionally titled the James Hyman / Quentin Tarantino Movie Mash-Up, you can check out the trailer after the jump. Sensitive viewers and Tarantinophiles beware – the clip features many of the director's most gloriously over-the top - not to mention profane - moments, which makes it very NSFW:

Hyman is still in the process of putting this project together, so he has encouraged his fans to spread the word around via blogs or other media outlets. Additionally, you can find this clip on Youtube, so please feel free to direct folks there to leave comments and generate enough hits that Hyman can complete his first full-fledged audiovisual odyssey.