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The true mark of a good film festival is going to see a myriad of films, really digging them, and then seeing a whole slew of others win the year's awards. It's a finely honed talent to miss all the award-winners, and yes, it can certainly be quite aggravating to always pick films that don't get the award love they deserve. However, it also means that there are too many goodies to choose from.

On Friday night, Hot Docs announced this year's award winners -- a group of excellent docs that were certainly buzzed about during the festival -- and once again, a whole slew of films I wasn't able to catch for you. Since the winners won't pop up in the dispatches I'll share with you all this week, read on to not only read what they are, but also what they're about, and any other information I can scrounge together. Check it all out after the jump.

span style="font-weight: bold;">BEST CANADIAN FEATURE DOCUMENTARY

Invisible City, Hubert Davis

Dipping into Toronto's Regent Park, Invisible City follows two kids trying to succeed and survive inner-city housing.

An article about the kids and documentary.
| A review. | NFB Info.


Waterlife, Kevin McMahon

A look into the "last great supply" of fresh water on Earth, the Great Lakes -- and how it could collapse.

Official website. | Q&A | A review.


The One Man Village, Simon El Habre

El Habre's account of his small town, abandoned during a 15-year civil war, and how some families returned so they don't neglect the land.

Official website. | A review. | Hot Docs writeup.


Cooking History, Peter Kerekes

Looking at war through food -- from blintzes that feed soldiers to breadmakers v. Nazis.

An article. | Programmer's Picks | Q&A


Rabbit a la Berlin, Bartek Konopka

A look at the Berlin Wall, through the eyes of the rabbits freed by the sharp teeth of predators.

Hot Docs writeup.


The Delian Mode, Kara Blake

A brief look at Delia Derbyshire, the woman behind the chilling Doctor Who theme song.

Blake's website.

Click here for filmmaker winners.

Today, May 11, the Audience Award winner was also announced. Louie Psihoyos won the top spot with The Cove -- a look into the attempts to end dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. The rest of the audiences Top Ten:

2. 65_REDROSES (D: Philip Lyall, Nimisha Mukerji; Canada)
3. INSIDE HANA'S SUITCASE (D: Larry Weinstein; Canada, Czech Republic)
4. BEST WORST MOVIE (D: Michael Paul Stephenson; USA)
5. A HARD NAME (D: Alan Zweig; Canada)
6. OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY (D: Michel Orion Scott; USA)
7. WINNEBAGO MAN (D: Ben Steinbauer; USA)
8. BURMA VJ (D: Anders Høgsbro Østergaard; Denmark)
9. ROUGH AUNTIES (D: Kim Longinotto; UK)
10. PROM NIGHT IN MISSISSIPPI (D: Paul Saltzman; Canada)
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