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Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Chéri, which stars Michelle Pfeiffer as a seductress who knows exactly which buttons to push and when. The film also features a Dangerous Liaisons reunion, with not only Pfeiffer in the lead, but Stephen Frears directed and Christopher Hampton wrote the screenplay. The film, which is based on the novels by Colette and is set in 1920s Paris, follows the son of a courtesean who retreats into a fantasy world after he's forced to end his relationship with the older woman who seduced and educated him in the ways of love.

Sounds to me like Pfeiffer belongs in the running for Cougar of the Year, and that's just fine by me -- it's always a pleasure to watch the gal let her hair down and take on a more sensual role. In my opinion, we need more women over 50 seducing younger men in our movies -- why not? Chéri also stars Kathy Bates and Rupert Friend, and it's set to arrive in theaters (in limited release) on June 26.

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%Gallery-63465% It is turn of the century in Paris and a scandalous romp is underfoot. In this seductive and sensational tale, Michelle Pfeiffer stars as a ravishing Parisian courtesan who takes a naïve young man half her age – rising British star Rupert Friend -- into her boudoir to teach him a thing or two about women. But of course, he learns all too well and turns out to be her perfect match. He doesn't want to grow up and she doesn't want to grow old and together they defy all of society's rules. Their affair is pure pleasure – as they trade light-hearted romantic barbs and indulge in their delicious, upside-down chemistry -- until they do the one thing that will make an outrage of it all, most significantly to themselves: fall in love. And gradually they each come to see there will be weighty consequences of this unusual affair.

Stephen Frears ("The Queen") and Christopher Hampton ("Atonement") reunite ("Dangerous Liaisons") to bring Colette's daring and sensual Belle Epoque liaison to the screen as sex, money, age, society -- and unexpectedly, love itself – all come into play when desire heats up.

It all begins as Léa de Lonval (Pfeiffer) realizes that the time has come for her to retire as Paris's most envied seductress of the rich and famous. After all, though she's still breathtaking, she's not exactly getting any younger. Just as she starts wondering what her future holds, along comes her archrival Charlotte Peloux (Kathy Bates), a notoriously manipulative gossip, with an unusual proposition. It seems that Charlotte's 19 year-old son – a bon vivant nicknamed Chéri (Friend) -- is gorgeous, charming and a complete disappointment to her. Fed up with his petulance, Charlotte slyly suspects Léa can knock some sense into the boy with her worldly ways.
But Léa does far more than that and six years later, she and Chéri are still living together in a most outrageous fashion. Naturally, they know this state of affairs can't go on forever. But when Charlotte Peloux returns to match Chéri to a girl his own age for marriage and break up their adventuresome tryst, no one is prepared for what truly lies beneath their frivolous affair.

Miramax Films presents CHERI, directed by Stephen Frears and written by Christopher Hampton based on the novels Chéri and The Last of Chéri by Colette. The producers are Bill Kenwright, Andras Hamori and Tracey Seaward and the executive producers are Simon Fawcett, Christopher Hampton, Francois Ivernel, Cameron McCracken and Richard Temple.

Frears has assembled a crack artistic team to capture the frivolity and sensuality of the Belle Epoque, including Oscar® nominated cinematographer Darius Khondji ("Evita," "Se7en," "My Blueberry Nights"), editor Lucia Zucchetti ("The Queen"), production designer Alan MacDonald ("The Queen"), Oscar® nominated costume designer Consalata Boyle ("The Queen") and two-time Oscar®-nominated composer Alexandre Desplat ("The Queen," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button").