Sometimes a film comes with big names and notable filmmakers, but just can't get more than a barely-there release on the big screen. This is one of those films. An adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel about a couple embroiled in a mess with some sketchy types, this puppy comes from Shakespeare in Love director John Madden, and stars the likes of Diane Lane, Mickey Rourke, Thomas Jane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Johnny Knoxville, and Rosario Dawson. EFilmCritic calls it "messy and unfocused." Skip it.

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Powder Blue
Now Jessica Biel might be lamenting her beauty and how that affects her career, but not so long ago she was taking it off for her work. This is that Christmas drama with the stripper (Biel), an ex-priest, an ex-con, and a mortician. It is, however, also (slightly) notable for being the film where Patrick Swayze plays the gentleman's club head "Velvet Larry." Skip it.

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New in Town
There's not much to perk up the last two "Skip It" picks, just another Renee Zellweger romcom -- this time, with Harry Connick Jr. She's an executive who winds up in a small town and discovers the charms of rural life. William Goss said it didn't have "even one iota of charm or humor," so Skip it on DVD and Blu-ray.

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The Ramen Girl
Finally, home audiences can see how Brittany Murphy takes on an English/Japanese foodie film as her character dumps her boyfriend in Tokyo and discovers the world of ramen. It's far from the best, but as DVD Verdict states, it does focus on the ramen rather than the Murphy. Because of that, and the fact that you've got to be able to check out at least one new release this week, I say Rent itif you're a foodie.

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Also out: Dalai Lama Renaissance

Grindhouse releases:Mark of the Witch/Devil Times Five, Don't Go In the Woods/The Forest

Children of Men
Now jumping from HD to Blu-ray, the release has got all the previous features, plus BD Live and U-Control content. Just imagine that skillfully crafted car scene in high definition.

True Romance
Ah, the adventure that comes out of the mixing of Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino. Unfortunately, for a film that would look lovely with a great transfer, says it's only mediocre. At least there's decent sound and a ton of special features (from the special edition release) to waste time with.

Also out: Cinderella Man, Falling Down, Field of Dreams, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Seabiscuit, Shamp, The Sky Crawlers

The Land of the Lost: Complete Series (Limited Edition Gift Set)
We don't usually hail the awesome of television releases, but I can't help it this time. If you're an old-school fan of Land of the Lost, and find yourself mourning its big-screen adventure, you can pick up the entire series in an awesome retro lunchbox. As IGN reviews, the release doesn't have much more cool in it ... oh, but that lunchbox!

Falling Down Deluxe Edition
I wish I could say lots of great things about Michael Douglas' flick as well, but for a "Deluxe" Edition, it's pretty sparse, only a commentary, interview, and trailer. However, DVDTalk says "in terms of quality, it's [the "Deluxe" label] entirely justified."

Also out:Philippe Garrel x 2, Revolution: Revisited, Zabriskie Point, M. Butterfly