It'll show up in theaters at the end of this month, or you can watch it right now on your Xbox or On Demand service, but I saw Jennifer Lynch's Surveillance last September at an Alamo Drafthouse Fantastic Fest screening. I was impressed with how it went from a rather conventional "cable flick" concept into something unexpectedly unpredictable. It helps that the flick is well-cast and anchored by the always-great Bill Pullman, but Shock Till You Drop has a new clip that just might entice you to drop five bucks for the flick. Plus you don't even have to get off the couch. (NOT FOR KIDS OR WIMPS)

Watch it after the jump ...

Click here for more on Shock's coverage of the flick, and check back next week for an interview between director Jennifer Lynch and our own "Girls on Film" guru Monika Bartyzel. And hell, if you've already seen Surveillance, feel free to share your thoughts below. Let's keep things spoiler-free, shall we?
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