The Final Destination
Take note of the definite article "the," as this is supposedly the final chapter in the Final Destination franchise. As with the other entries, a group of teens cheat death but are slowly claimed by a series of supernatural Rube Goldberg-ian death traps. This minor bit of scary movie fluff is made all the more interesting by the use of 3-D and I have to admit the man eating escalator (pictured above) looks pretty cool. Carnage ensues on August 28.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
I haven't seen the original and I'm pretty far removed from the target demographic, but the overwrought dialog and performances here are a real cringe inducer. Suffice it to say if you like your teens angsty and your vampires sparkly then this Twilight sequel will be right up your alley. The ante has been upped by the introduction of werewolves to the story. Watch for this one on November 20.

Toy Story 3
This teaser doesn't give any indication of what the story is all about, but seeing Buzz, Woody and the gang again just makes me smile. Apparently Andy is off to college and his old toys have been donated to a daycare center. Sadly, we'll have to wait until June 18, 2010 for this one.

Kevin Spacey plays a Los Angeles psychiatrist who has a high end clientele but is barely holding it together himself. Spacey looks like he's at the top of his game here, though the pot angle reminds me a bit of American Beauty. This could be a winner and it hits theaters sometime in 2009.

A high school band gives there all in a battle of the bands competition. This one seems derivative of several flicks including, oddly enough, last summer's The Rocker. You can start rocking out on August 14.

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