Above: The spaceship from District 9

Now that we've entered the month of June, folks are beginning to geek out about this year's Comic Con in San Diego, which looks to be already setting up some pretty awesome (and geektastic) treats for all those who make the trek out there. In a new story over at the New York Times, they reveal that Peter Jackson will make his first ever trip to San Diego Comic Con this year in order to help promote the upcoming flick District 9, which he's producing. Jackson will be joined by that film's director (and Jackson apprentice) Neill Blomkamp.

The film, which looks to be an extension of sorts of Blomkamp's fantastic short film Alive in Joburg (watch it here), tells of an alien race that's forced to live in a slum-like environment on earth while government examines the situation further. (Watch the Cloverfield-like trailer over here.) There's no word on whether Jackson will reveal any nuggets of coolness regarding his other upcoming movies like The Lovely Bones or the first Tintin film, though even if he doesn't I bet the Comic Con crowd will grill him to pieces during Q&A time.

Check out some of the clever outdoor marketing for District 9 in the gallery below (via Flickr).


After the Jump: Will James Cameron Bring Avatar to Comic Con? In addition to the Jackson announcement, the NYT also reveals that 20th Century Fox is contemplating whether or not to bring James Cameron and Avatar to The Con for a sneak peek and Q&A. Some feel it might be too early for a major footage reveal, though last year's Con featured Terminator Salvation, Watchmen and X-Men Origins: Wolverine footage, so I don't see why we can't get a little taste of what Cameron has planned for Avatar, which hits theaters December 18. Also on board for Con right now is a New Moon presentation with cast, footage and thousands of screaming teenage girls.

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