Now that Robert Rodriguez won't be making Barbarella anytime in the near future it looks like he has put his live-action Jetson's flick at the front of the pack instead. The director recently told MTV that he hopes to get the film in front of cameras by next year. A script was completed by Adam F. Goldberg (Fanboys) back in 2007, but Rodriguez has been hard at work on a rewrite and keeping quiet about casting prospects.

The Jetsons was the story of a futuristic family living in a world run by sprockets ... and that was about it, really. Each week, George Jetson would get fired, promoted, you name it -- and then head home to his family which consisted of the perfect housewife, a genius son and boy-crazy daughter. Their dog would mispronounce words; the robot maid would get a few wisecracks in and voila! A cartoon classic was born.

I'm not a big Jetsons fan, but I do love to play fantasy casting director, so here are my picks for a live-action Jetsons:

George Jetson: Steve Carell
Despite having a spotty record on the big-screen, Carell proved once before that he can walk away from a TV adaptation with his dignity intact. He not only has the look down, but he can play a lovable loser with the best of them and has a knack for physical comedy. What more could you ask for in a George Jetson?

Jane Jetson: Reese Witherspoon
Jane wasn't exactly a ditz, but let's just say she wasn't the sharpest sprocket in the pile either. Witherspoon has made bank on playing these kinds of characters in the past, and I think she has just the right amount of uptight to be the doting wife (and straight man) to her wackier better half.

After the jump: my final picks... span style="font-weight: bold;">Judy Jetson: Hayden Panettiere
Judy wasn't the most exciting character on the Jetsons, but how else were you going to work in jokes about boys and shopping? Any of your hot teen actresses out there could play Judy and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference; but I think my vote would have to go for Panettiere. She already has a strong teen following; she's got a feel for comedy and was even blessed with Judy's upturned nose.

Elroy Jetson: Cameron Bright
If Rodriguez is looking for a new idea for a Jetsons story, he could do worse than to focus it on Elroy. The boy with encyclopaedic knowledge about space and science is a great starting point for a wacky adventure through time and space. So that's why I nominate Cameron Bright. Maybe Bright could bring a little 'dignity' to Elroy -- I mean, he is supposed to be a genius after all.

Mr Spacely: Danny DeVito
Just look at a picture of George Jetson's boss, Mr. Spacely, and you tell me that doesn't look just like Danny DeVito. Not much else to say on the matter; DeVito's low growl and intimidating presence would be a perfect fit for Spacely.

Rosey the Robot / Astro: Fran Drescher and Hank Azaria
Since Rosie and Astro will probably be CGI creations from start to finish, what is going to matter is the voice, and Drescher and Azaria are some of the best voices in the business. Go with them.

Well, those are my picks, but what about yours? Tell me who you think could bring the 'clan Jetson' to life on the big screen...
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