Brittany Murphy and Amy Poehler

Brittany Murphy is 'Something Wicked,' Amy Poehler gears up to serve big laughs in 'Lunch Lady,' Danny Boyle signs a three-year deal and more of today's top headlines. span style="font-weight: bold;">Brittany Murphy will co-star in the new psychological thriller 'Something Wicked.' The 'Happy Feet' co-star joins Shantel VanSanten and John Robinson in the film about a teenager and his girlfriend whose lives are turned upside down when her parents are killed. [Hollywood Reporter]

'Parks and Recreation' star Amy Poehler is returning to the big screen -- this time in the graphic novel adaptation of 'Lunch Lady.' Poehler will star in and executive produce the film about a cafeteria lady who lives a double life as a secret investigator. We'll eat to that. [Hollywood Reporter]

Best SNL' Alums on the Big Screen

    Many 'Saturday Night Live' alums have gone on to acclaimed and lucrative film careers (Bill Murray); others have gone on to lucrative and not-so-acclaimed careers (ahem, Rob Schneider).

    We rank the 25 most successful, based on a complicated algorithm that takes into account quality of work, popularity and box office haul.

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    25. Andy Samberg
    Career Highs: He stole a couple scenes as Paul Rudd's gay brother in the lovable 'I Love You, Man.'
    Career Low: His first starring role, 'Hot Rod, ' was ice cold.
    Verdict:It's his hilarious 'SNL' Digital Shorts that have made Samberg a player, but full-length success can't be far behind.

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    24. 'Dana Carvey'
    Career Highs: 'Wayne's World' is one of the best 'SNL' skits-turned-movies (not like that's saying that much). 'Opportunity Knocks' rocks.
    Career Low: 'The Master of Disguise' was so not masterful.
    Verdict: The opportunities stopped knocking after that slice of career suicide called 'Master' (plus, sadly, Carvey semi-retired with heart-health issues).

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    23. Bill Hader
    Career Highs: He's worked best in tandem, first with Seth Rogen in 'Superbad,' then with Kristen Wiig in 'Adventureland.'
    Career Low: He lent his voice to animated dud 'Doogal,' but hey, so did Jon Stewart and Dame Judi Dench.
    Verdict: A staple in the Apatow gang, his film roles have all been small-to-supporting. Ask us again after his first lead.

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    22. Tim Meadows
    Career Highs: We don't care what the critics said: 'Ladies Man' Leon Phelps is one hilarious sex machine. Plus, he was perfect in 'Mean Girls.'
    Career Low: Pretty much every other film, including 'It's Pat' and 'The Cookout.'
    Verdict: Meadows should be fine so long as he works with people like Tina Fey more, Rob Schneider less.

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    21. Maya Rudolph
    Career Highs: Her funniest role yet, Mike Judge's 'Idiocracy,' was buried by its distributor and has settled for cult status.
    Career Low: She appeared in the Ben Stiller-Drew Barrymore bomb 'Duplex.'
    Verdict: The range she shows in her latest, the romantic dramedy 'Away We Go,' proves she'll go far.

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    20. Kristen Wiig
    Career Highs: She proved a revelation as a snotty TV exec in 2007's 'Knocked Up,' and helped make 'Ghost Town' and 'Adventureland' fun places to visit.
    Career Low: She was fourth billed in the awful 'Brothers Solomon.'
    Verdict: Few can do you dry humor like this funnywoman. But will her routine get old?

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    19. Martin Short
    Career Highs: '80s flicks like 'Innerspace,' 'Three Amigos' and even 'Three Fugitives' hold a special place in our hearts. His 'Father of the Bride' bits are sublime.
    Career Lows: Is it true they use 'Clifford' on prisoners in Guantanamo?
    Verdict: How could you possibly dislike Martin Short?

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    18. Molly Shannon
    Career Highs: Shannon got raves for a supporting gig in 'Marie Antoinette' and a starring turn in 'Year of the Dog.'
    Career Low: Mary Katherine Gallagher joined a long list of 'SNL' characters who tanked in feature form with 'Superstar.'
    Verdict:She hasn't done much since 2007's 'Evan Almighty' (ouch), aside from TV's 'Kath & Kim' (double ouch).

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    17. Jon Lovitz
    Career Highs: He was comedic gold in 'A League of Their Own' and 'Rat Race.' He also beat up Andy Dick.
    Career Low: His choices haven't been so hot in recent years, with 'Southland Tales,' 'The Benchwarmers' and 'The Producers.'
    Verdict: Still, we'd watch this scene-stealer in anything (except 'Little Nicky').

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Danny BoyleOscar winner Danny Boyle ('Slumdog Millionaire') has signed a new three-year deal with Fox Searchlight and Pathe Pictures, who will reportedly co-produce his upcoming projects. As for his official 'Slumdog' follow-up, Boyle has yet to give his final answer. [Variety]

Marcus NipselThe upcoming 'Conan the Barbarian' remake has found a director. Marcus Nispel (2009's 'Friday the 13th') will officially helm the project, which is set to begin filming in Bulgaria and South Africa sometime later this year. [Variety]

Chris O'DowdChris O'Dowd
is about to get in touch with his inner bad boy. O'Dowd will play nemesis Edward in the big-screen adaptation of 'Gulliver's Travels,' co-starring alongside Jack Black, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet and Emily Blunt. That doesn't sound bad at all. [Hollywood Reporter]

Michael CunninghamScreen Gems has acquired the rights to 'Beautiful Girl,' a new thriller from screenwriter and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham ('The Hours'). The story is said to revolve around an English teacher whose obsessive crush on a student leads him to seek revenge on everyone who was ever mean to her. It's our high school fantasy come true. [Variety]

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