In the past, the CineVegas Film Festival has spanned nine days, starting on a Thursday night and running through the following Saturday. This year, though, the fest has been compressed -- streamlined, really -- so that it started Wednesday and will run through Monday. The number of films has decreased only slightly, meaning we're essentially getting the same amount of content in six days rather than nine.

It's hard to overstate how much this decision, which was partly due to economic concerns, has improved things. Screenings start earlier in the day and run later into the night. Where you used to have only two movie options in a particular time slot, now there are three, which means less downtime if you've already seen (or really don't want to see) something. The overall energy is higher. There's more hustle, not to mention bustle.

I've noticed a lot more Sundance-style promotions, too. There's a zombie film on the docket, called The Revenant, and several beautiful, scantily clad women have been all over the place handing out fliers to remind people about it. And when I say scantily clad, I mean they're in tiny little tops and tiny little shorts, both parts very tight-fitting. They are practically nude. In Vegas, no one notices. This is how people dress to go to church.
At the first screening of Easier with Practice, every seat in the theater had a single white sock with the film's name emblazoned on it. The movie is about a man who has an ongoing phone-sex relationship with a woman he's never met, so the sock is ... eww. The movie is a lot more tasteful, if that's the right word, than the promo item. That being said, I kept the sock from my seat and the one from the empty seat next to me, so I'd have a pair. What possible use could a man have for ONE sock??!

Reviews of some of the key films are on the way, but in the meantime here are Cinematical's reviews of the ones that already played at other festivals:

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