Shutter Island
Martin Scorsese's latest thriller looks downright spectacular. The film is based on a novel by Dennis Lehane and Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a U.S. Marshall searching for an escaped mental patient on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. DiCaprio's character comes up against a dark conspiracy and he is haunted by the memory of his late wife who is played by Michelle Williams. And yes that's Jackie Earl Haley as one of the inmates (he plays crazy REALLY well). Watch for this one on October 2.

Old Dogs
OK, the bit where Seth Green is singing "I'm All Out of Love" to the gorilla is pretty funny, and the penguin attack got me to laugh but the plot seems ridiculously simplistic. Robin Williams plays a man whose former girlfriend returns after seven years to tell him that he has twin children. With the help of his buddy played by John Travolta, Williams's character must adapt to the idea of instant fatherhood at a relatively advanced age. Wackiness enuses. This is being billed as a family movie so much of the humor is aimed at kids. This one hits theaters on November 25.
I posted about the teaser a few weeks ago and now we've got a full length trailer for Robert Rodriguez's new kids flick. I was lukewarm on the first trailer, but now my interest is piqued. A bunch of kids come into the possession of a multi-colored stone that makes their wishes come true and they have to fight off the evil grown ups who want to steal it. Definitely a kids' movie, but the over the top shenanigans have a sort of Bugs Bunny flavor that appeals to me and I have to say the flying alligators are pretty awesome. The film releases on August 7.

It Might Get Loud
This documentary examines the art of rock and roll guitar from the perspective of three musicians: Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page. Music fans will probably like this but I suspect you may need to be a musician to get the most out of the film. The volume starts cranking up on August 14 when the film goes into limited release.

Fifty Dead Men Walking
Based on a true story, this is the story of a young man recruited by the British police to go undercover and spy on the IRA in the late 1980s. Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley, and Rose McGowan star. No U.S. theatrical release date yet.

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