You know that poem about the world ending not with a bang but a whimper? I don't think Roland Emmerich has read it as this end of the world flick has many bangs each followed by an Earth-shattering ka-boom. Apparently the Mayan calendar's prediction of the apocalypse comes true in the titular year and John Cusack plays a man whose family is in the midst of the cataclysm. The part about a government plan to build a sort of ark reminds me of George Pal's When Worlds Collide. The end begins on November 13.

I'm always leery of horror comedies. For every Shaun of the Dead or Return of the Living Dead there's a dozen straight to DVD movies that try to frighten and amuse at the same time yet end up doing neither. This humorous look at the zombie apocalypse not only looks pretty damn funny but also has some star power with Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin and Bill Murray. This one hits theaters on Ocotober 9, just in time for Halloween. a href="http://largeassets.myspacecdn.com/creative/hd/stepfather_trl1/59037498_480p.mov">The Stepfather
Another horror franchise gets rebooted. A young man returns home from military school to find that his mom's boyfriend has moved in and he bears a striking resemblance to some police sketches shown on America's Most Wanted. The 1987 original was a pretty minor entry in the genre and this new one doesn't seem to add much. This hits theaters on October 16.

Cold Souls
I can't help thinking of Being John Malkovich when I see the trailer for this comic fantasy. Paul Giamatti, playing himself, decides to lighten his load by having his soul extracted and put on ice. When he decides a soul-less existence isn't for him a warehouse mishap leads to his essence being shipped to Russia and he gives chase. Giamatti appears to be at his angst-ridden best here. Cold Souls goes into a limited release on August 7.

In this South Korean film from the director of Old Boy a priest is the subject of a medical experiment which turns him into a vampire. For those look for old school vampires, this guy looks like a real beastial creature of the night. This one gets a limited release on July 31.

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