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My favorite foul-mouthed, alcoholic Mexican robot is finally heading back to TV! Comedy Central and 20th Century Fox have ordered 26 new episodes of Futurama, set to premiere in the middle of 2010. Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio have all signed on to return to the show to voice Fry, Leela and Señor Bender.

TV Squad's Danny Gallagher caught up with Sagal and DiMaggio recently to talk about the big news. Both actors credit Futurama's fan base for the show's return. Check out a few highlights from the interviews after the jump: strong>Katey Sagal on the show's return:

futurama leelaI've been in the business for so long that I never expect anything (laughs). I've always trusted that Futurama has an amazing fan base. When we go to Comic Con and talk to people and just from my own website, you can just tell what a strong fan base it has. To me, Futurama was one of the smartest written shows that I've ever participated in. So I thought that was a no-brainer that this has to come back. You say that but you just never know. I was pleasantly, totally surprised but it could have gone either way.

Billy West on the 26-episode order:

futurama fryI know that this is kind of unprecedented. It's actually unheard of that anyone would order two seasons. It's performed well. It's popular. Everybody loves the show and I imagine it was the DVD sales that they took a good look at them and said this should be back on television episodically. Plus I have the fans to thank. I'm sure they are always pushing for stuff like that.

West on the show's fan base

I always say this when you do a project, it's great that it's a cool show and everything but you never know if something is going to be iconically popular. You never knew when you're doing something and you're in the middle of it that it's going to be a huge phenomenon.

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