Remember when Rob Zombie once said "no remakes, no sequels"? Maybe not in those exact words, but close enough. Well, here comes the guy's sequel to a remake of Halloween. As you might already know, I'm simply not a fan of Zombie's work ... and yes, I've given The Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses more than one shot, believe me. And I think even less of Zombie's rendition of Halloween.

But this is a blog about horror, and not a blog about things I like, so after the jump you'll find the brand-new theatrical trailer for Halloween 2, which opens on August 28. I like the part where the girl slams the medicine cabinet shut, only to reveal a killer behind her. Surely that's never been done in every slasher flick since 1985.

Also, here's the new poster over at

(Thanks to Spike TV for the clip and Shock for the embed.)
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