smallville clark kentAnd Smallville refuses to give up the spotlight.

In less than a month, we've heard talk about a possible spinoff for the CW series, read heated speculation over a simple casting notice, and reported on two major casting announcements. Now we're reading rumors about a possible Smallville TV movie called Metropolis that could serve as a coda to the show's ninth, and probably final, season.

The rumor -- and I repeat: rumor -- comes from the boys at AICN who say a source got a glimpse of some Smallville promotional signage for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. Reportedly, the source, who goes by the handle "Yoda's Bitch," eyed some signage somewhere, presumably on the planet Earth, featuring the words "Metropolis: Christmas 2010" in Smallville-style font. The sign is also supposedly advertising Smallville's upcoming Comic-Con panel. AICN says they have info that this possible Metropolis project could be a TV movie set to head into production after May 2010, when the series is expected to wrap. The CW or Warner Bros. has yet to confirm any of this. I'm not going to speculate any further on the validity of this rumor. I'll just say I like the idea of a post-series Smallville TV movie, especially if there's a chance that the show's superbad Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum, might return. The TV movie route seems to be working for Stargate. Could it work for Smallville? If a TV movie is in the works, do you think we'll finally get to see Tom Welling wearing the red cape and blue tights? And shoudn't they already consider changing the name of the show to Metropolis? That's where all the action seems to happen.
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