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The Japanese are kicking America's ass at building giant robots based on awesome fictional characters. You've heard about their 60-foot Gundam in Odaiba. Now they're building a giant Tetusjin-28, a.k.a. Gigantor "the Space-Age Robot." (Word is he'll be built turning his pointy noise up at our giant robot-less shores.) So here's a question: When are America's nerds gonna get off the couch and build their own unnecessarily large but awe-inspiring tribute to R2-D2 or Optimus Prime?

I'm talking to you, extreme cosplayers, sci-fi obsessed techies and artists, and nerds willing to max out their credit cards at Home Depot. And especially you, Tom Rhodes, the California dude who made an 18-foot tall OG Bumblebee Transformer out of a Volkswagen Beetle. You've got the touch. You've got the power. Now let's make a giant frakkin' robot that puts Japan's to shame. Not that I want to foster some kind of bitter international nerd competition that could result in 200 feet of robot awesomeness or anything. OK, that's exactly what I want. So lets do it. I'll bring the nails and Capri Sun. You bring the sandwiches and the entire staff of WETA. Who's game?

Of course, America's giant robot doesn't have to be R2-D2 or Prime. I vote for a giant Summer Glau-shaped Cameron bot from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But since no one watched that show and it got cancelled, I'm sure it won't be a popular choice. So what should we build? Let us know in the comments. Do you want to see a big Bender? Robocop? How about Gort, or maybe another Transformer (but please, not The Twins. Anything but The Twins).
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