We're one cast member away from seeing how Spider-Man fares in a true live-action world. Last December, we learned that Evan Rachel Wood would play Mary Jane in Julie Taymor's Broadway web fest. Now Playbill is reiterating this, plus they're adding another wonderful name to the mix: Alan Cumming. He is once again flitting around the world of geek fare by signing on to play Norman Osborn, known in other circles as the Green Goblin. (But no German accent this time.)

Now titled Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, the musical is supposed to be kicking off rehearsals this month. Yet while we now have the leading lady and villain, there's still no word on who will play Peter Parker. Taymor was trying to get Jim Sturgess for the part and have a whole Across the Universe reunion, but they're still not releasing whether it's him or someone else.

But Wood and Cumming are just two of the many actors who have made their way to the theatrical stage. Right now, in New York alone, Anne Hathaway is performing Twelfth Night in the Park, Nathan Lane, Bill Irwin, John Goodman, and David Strathairn are currently Waiting for Godot, and Allison Janey is working 9 to 5 -- just to name a few. On the other side of the country, Chris Pine and Chris Noth are getting presidential in LA with Farragut North.

Go back even further, and the list that have taken breaks from the big screen to hit the stage is probably more varied than you'd think. Christopher Reeve found romance in Death Takes a Holiday, Kathleen Turner hit a number of cities getting saucy as Mrs. Robinson, Martin Sheen took part in Julius Caesar, and heck, even Quentin Tarantino has taken a stab at the stage life with Marisa Tomei in Wait Until Dark.

There's something about seeing the actors we've become so familiar with up close and in person -- with no cuts, sound effects, and other cinematic fare to break up the performance. And naturally, their names often provide a huge draw outside the regular theater-going public.

Do big-screen stars hitting the stage prompt trips to the city to see them live, and if you have, which performances stand out?
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