samuel l jackson nick fury iron man 2Welcome to Captain's Log -- your (semi) daily round-up of sci-fi randomness from around the web. Here's what's happening today:

- Sam Jackson will not kick ass in Iron Man 2. He says, "Not this time, not yet. We still haven't moved Nick Fury into the bad-ass zone." Um, wha?

- Why hasn't Shatner seen the new Star Trek movie? Regis has the answer.

- Ricky Gervais is telling critics to lay off his new sf-tinged romantic comedy, The Invention of Lying.

More sci-fi awesomeness after the jump - Justin Hartley, a.k.a. Green Arrow, says Smallville might survive after season nine.

- The upcoming final season of Lost will run 18 hours, an hour longer than originally expected. More Lost is good, but weren't we getting 20-22 hour-long seasons a few years ago?

- Tim Minear, Joss Whedon's collaborator on Angel and Firefly, has been tapped to remake Alien Nation for Syfy.

- Alex O'Loughlin wants to do a movie based on the cancelled CBS vampire detective series Moonlight.

- According to the main character of The CW's Vampire Diaries, love bites and sucks. So does this new promo for The Vampire Diaries: