A decent looking tale of an apocalyptic plague and four friends attempt to survive it. If you've read The Stand or seen the mini-series based on it the idea seems kind of similar. Chris Prine, the new James T. Kirk stars and I thought the faces drawn on the surgical masks were a nice touch. Things start getting germy on September 4.

Couples Retreat
Four couples head to a tropical resort where they learn that couples' therapy is a mandatory part of the program. The impressive cast includes Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Jon Favreau, Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis, and Kristen Bell. The retreat commences on October 9.

Planet 51
There's a new full length trailer for this animated comedy about a human astronaut landing on an alien world that looks strikingly like an American suburb. The residents of the planet see the visitor as a threat and it looks like there's probably a decent message for kids about prejudice, but this one doesn't thrill me. The idea is cute and they get points for the use of The Killers' song "Spaceman" but it didn't have me laughing. Planet 51 touches down on November 20.

The Informant
In this comedy based on a true story, Matt Damon plays a corporate executive who goes undercover for the FBI to gather information on the wrong-doings of his own company. Damon plays dorky pretty well and with Steven Soderbergh at the helm I think we've got something here. Release date is October 9.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
I really liked this new full length trailer for a lot of reasons, but the highlight is the performance of Mr. T and his use of the word "shennaniganizer." A young inventor saves his small town from having to eat sardines by inventing a machine that makes food fall from the sky. That couldn't possibly go wrong, could it? Really looking forward to this one and the 3-D is icing on the cake. Watch for this one on September 18.

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