We go through a lot of trailer mash-ups here at Cinematical, but this one -- which spoofs the upcoming disaster flick from Roland Emmerich, 2012, is just completely awesome in every way. And I don't mean that as a knock against the film so much because I haven't seen it yet, but I completely agree with Drew at Hit Fix when he says that this trailer alone could make the film a whole bucket full of extra cash at the box office if the studio embraced it, which they won't because, well, they won't. Emmerich makes serious, thought-provoking (and entertaining) disaster movies (or so he thinks) -- meanwhile, admit it, you just want to see sh*t blown up. New York City destroyed and under water? Yes! Bring it! Kill everyone!

In case you're curious (and I know you will be), the music is "Okay Dokey" and "Bongolia" by the Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band. Love it! Watch it after the jump ... object width="450" height="340">