With a movie based on Will Forte's 'SNL' 'MacGruber' skits headed to the big screen, we remember the best (not too hard, since there are, like, two) and count down the five worst flicks based on 'Saturday Night Live' sketches. img hspace="8" border="0" align="right" vspace="8" alt="" src="http://www.blogcdn.com/blog.moviefone.com/media/2009/07/will-forte-186.jpg" />Hold onto your mullets and get ready to make a tank from some Doublemint gum and that little bit of lint in your right-hand pocket: A movie based on the 'Saturday Night Live' 'MacGyver' spoof skit 'MacGruber' is coming soon to a theater near you.

The film will see 'SNL' star Will Forte reprise his role from the skits, playing MacGyver's equally mulleted but far more inept spawn. Kristen Wiig is aboard to play his assistant Vicki, and Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer are in talks to tackle the parts of an Army officer and a nuclear-warhead-hoarding villain, respectively.

While 'MacGruber' ranks among the most promising 'SNL'-skit-to-movie adaptations in recent memory, filmgoers can't be blamed for being just a little bit skeptical. After all, for every comedy classic on its resume (see 'Blues Brothers' and 'Wayne's World'), the 'SNL' movie machine has churned out three unfunny duds (we're talking about you, 'Night at the Roxbury,' 'Coneheads' and 'It's Pat'). Without further ado, we count down the five worst movies based on 'Saturday Night Live' skits (and, yes, the flicks on this list are so bad we didn't even have room for 'Blues Brothers 2000'). -- By Tom DiChiara & Alicia Roda

5. 'The Ladies Man' (2000)
On paper, it sounds great: A dumb, well-hung, Afro-sporting ladies' man named Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) sleeps his way through a bevy of women, drinks a ton of Courvoisier and battles hordes of cuckolded husbands while trying to find a sugar momma. But while we have a soft spot in our hearts for Will Ferrell's turn as a closeted gay man who sates his dude-on-dude urges by oiling up other guys and wrestling them, all of the Courvoisier in the world can't make Leon's 300th "wang" joke even remotely funny.

4. 'Superstar' (1999)
Think two adults blatantly playing high-school students is high-larious? If so, you'll love 'Superstar.' Otherwise, this tale of Mary Katherine Gallagher's (Molly Shannon) mission to get her perfect first kiss with popular jock Sky (Will Ferrell) by acting super-weird, smelling her own armpits and becoming -- you guessed it -- a superstar pretty much flames out. The movie barely makes it to 90 minutes ... and still feels like a massive stretch.

3. 'A Night at the Roxbury' (1998)
You know how Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan like to jerk their heads repeatedly to the right while listening to Haddaway's 'What Is Love?' in this criminally inane flick about two idiotic night-clubbing brothers? Well, the first -- and only -- time we watched this, we felt like doing that too, except into a brick wall instead of the air.

2. 'Coneheads' (1993)

Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin star as an alien couple accidentally plopped on Earth and subsequently hunted down by the INS -- clever, no? The skit itself generated few laughs beyond the mere physical appearance of the couple, so it behooves us to wonder what provided the impetus to expand upon the bone-headed premise for 88 minutes. Even a flurry of cameos from 'SNL' alums (Chris Farley, Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman) couldn't redeem this otherworldly failure.

1. 'It's Pat' (1994)
This movie about the androgynous Pat and "its" quest for a normal life despite a confusing sexual situation was doomed from the start. Even Julia Sweeney, creator and 'Pat' her/himself, didn't think it was a good idea: "I resisted it completely. I just didn't know how we could make it last for two hours." Well, she should have stuck to her guns because the movie opened in just two cities and was subsequently nominated for five Golden Raspberry Awards -- losing only to 'Showgirls.' Actually, that's kind of impressive.

What are your favorite and least favorite movies based on 'SNL' skits? Sound off below.

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