Vat's up?! Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' ist hitting theaters this weekend, and it packs enough laughs to fill a walk-in closet and then some. Read our review of the incendiary new flick, as well as our take on 'Humpday' and more movies in theaters. h2 style="font-style: italic;">Movie Recommendations for July 10

Lewder, nuder and -- dare we say? -- riskier than 2006's 'Borat,' Sacha Baron Cohen's latest quasi-documentary satire finds the envelope-pushing comedian adopting the persona of a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter whose obsession with fame compels him to do some truly out-there things: adopt an African baby, strip-dance for senator Ron Paul and even attempt to go straight by attending a seriously messed up hetero orgy. His on-screen antics will have audiences alternately crying with laughter, squirming with embarrassment and fearing for his life. And yet 'Bruno' isn't just shock entertainment; it also coyly pokes fun at America's "we're-so-tolerant" hypocrisy and latent homophobia -- which is actually kind of admirable. And we know ... that is such a Samantha thing to say. -- Tom DiChiara

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Best buds Mark Duplass and Joshua Leonard -- both heterosexual -- decide that having sex with each other in a porno (er, "erotic art film," for a festival) would make a killer art project. But can they go through with it? That's the premise of the latest film from the "mumblecore" movement, the best since the Duplass brothers' 'Puffy Chair.' Like its hit-or-miss contemporaries, the story, characters and dialogue feel authentic to the core, with one glaring exception: It's a little tough to buy these straight dudes' unyielding dedication to "art," given neither is an artist nor that artistically inclined. But beyond it's racy setup, sure to limit an already limited audience, the film perfectly captures the dilemmas and disparate paths of young adulthood -- one is married and trying to have child, the other a fun-loving nomad who refuses to "grow up." -- Kevin Polowy

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