Leonardo DiCaprio hires a writer to pen a new 'Twilight Zone' movie, a bomb threat forces Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler to evacuate their Beverly Hills hotel, 'Angela's Ashes' author Frank McCourt passes away at the age of 78, and more of today's top movie headlines. img hspace="8" border="0" align="left" vspace="8" alt="" src="http://www.aolcdn.com/aolmovies/leonardo-dicaprio-news-186.jpg" />Leonardo DiCaprio has entered 'Twilight Zone.' The actor's Appian Way production co. and Warner Bros. have hired Rand Ravich ('The Astronaut's Wife') to write the screenplay for a film based on the legendary '50s-'60s TV series that blended elements of science fiction, horror and fantasy. WB previously brought the property to the silver screen with 1983's 'Twilight Zone: The Movie,' which featured segments directed by Steven Spielberg and John Landis. [Variety]

Pulitzer Prize-winning 'Angela's Ashes' author Frank McCourt passed away on Sunday at the age of 78, following a battle with melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) and a recent bout of meningitis. McCourt's 'Ashes,' a haunting memoir about his impoverished childhood in Ireland, was made into a 2000 movie starring Emily Watson and Robert Carlyle. [AOL News] | [EW.com]

While in Beverly Hills' Four Seasons hotel for the 'Ugly Truth' press junket on Saturday, Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler were among 400 guests forced to evacuate when someone phoned in a bomb threat. The claims turned out to be false, and the junket moved to a nearby restaurant until police gave the all-clear. That's dedication. [Deadline Hollywood Daily] | [PopEater]

Harry Potter has conjured up his best box-office opening yet, with 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' raking in a magical $159.7 million over its first five days in theaters. With an additional $237M in overseas receipts, the film's global total now stands at a whopping $396.7M. [PopEater]

Morgan Freeman is in talks to star opposite Bruce Willis in 'Red.' Based on a three-part comic book series, the espionage thriller follows a retired black-ops CIA agent who becomes the target of a high-tech assassin. [Variety]

'Voltron' could soon be forming on the big screen. Atlas Entertainment has acquired the movie rights to make a live-action flick based on the short-lived (but cult fave) 1984-85 'Transformers'-esque cartoon series about a group of five human-piloted robotic lions that come together to form one gargantuan robot that battles the evil Robobeats and defends the planet Arus from the villainous King Zarkon. [Risky Biz Blog]

'Doubt' Oscar nominee Viola Davis is in negotiations to play Julia Roberts' best friend in the big-screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir 'Eat, Pray, Love,' about a woman who sets out on an international journey of self-discovery after going through a nasty divorce. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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