Nicolas Cage is in talks to play Seth Rogen's nemesis in 'Green Hornet,' 'Atlas Shrugged' may head to the small screen rather than the big with Charlize Theron in the lead, Jennifer Aniston tackles racial tensions in 'Holler,' and more of today's top movie headlines. img hspace="8" border="0" align="left" vspace="8" src="" alt="" />Nicolas Cage is in early talks to play Seth Rogen's gangster nemesis in the superhero flick 'Green Hornet.' Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz is in final negotiations to tackle the role of a reporter who'll also be the love interest for Rogen's millionaire turned masked crime-fighter. [Variety]

After 37 years and countless iterations (including one that had Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt starring), efforts to bring Ayn Rand's epic objectivist novel 'Atlas Shrugged' to the screen may finally be picking up steam. Instead of condensing the lengthy tome into a theatrical feature, producers are now toying with the idea of making it into a TV miniseries to air on fledgling pay-cable network Epix. Charlize Theron is reportedly in talks to star as heroine Dagny Taggert, though the extent of her involvement has not been confirmed. [Risky Biz Blog]

Jennifer Aniston is teaming up with Screen Gems to produce 'Holler,' a tale of lingering racial tensions in the Deep South. Inspired by true events, the film tells of a biracial high school student whose fight to desegregate the prom at his small-town Mississippi school helps to transform the entire community. [Variety]

'Kill Bill' star Uma Thurman is set to play a big-screen badass once again, this time in the indie drama 'Girl Soldier.' Based on the book 'Stolen Angels,' the film finds Thurman playing a real-life nun who helped rescue 140 schoolgirls from the Ugandan rebels who kidnapped them. And she did it without a Hanzo sword. [Variety]

'Young Guns' scribe Joe Fusco has been tapped to write the screenplay for a live-action reboot of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' franchise. The flick, which plans to trace the origins of the butt-kicking, pizza-eating, human-sized Turtles, is slated to hit theaters in 2011. [Variety]

Comedian Josh Gad ('21') has joined Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in the drama 'Love and Other Drugs.' The film, which reunites 'Brokeback Mountain' co-stars Gyllenhall and Hathaway, follows a pharmaceutical salesman (Gyllenhaal) who falls for a woman with Parkinson's disease (Hathaway). Gad will play Jake's vulgar but successful entrepreneur brother. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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