In-demand actor Johnny Depp may soon find himself without a single movie to shoot, Denzel Washington is back on track for 'Unstoppable,' Javier Bardem turns a down 'Wall Street' gig, and more of today's top movie headlines. img hspace="8" border="0" align="left" vspace="8" src="" alt="" />Johnny Depp is one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, with a trio of flick on the way in the next year, including a buzzed-about turn as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' (the trailer debuts today). But while Depp is attached to reprise his role as swashbuckling Captain Jack in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4,' play Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger' and reteam with Burton for 'Dark Shadows,' none of these projects currently has a green light and likely won't go before the camera for some time. Long story short: In this economy, even Johnny Depp may find himself unemployed. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Denzel Washington is back onboard for 'Unstoppable.' After dropping out of the runaway train thriller two weeks ago, reportedly over a salary dispute, Washington and Sony have reach a deal for the actor to appear opposite 'Star Trek' star Chris Pine in the flick. It is now on the fast track for a fall start date. [Variety]

Javier Bardem has turned down the chance to play a hedge fund manager opposite Michael Douglas in the sequel to the 1980s classic 'Wall Street.' Instead, Bardem will star opposite Julia Roberts in the romantic drama 'Eat, Pray, Love.' Guess it's Julia -- and not greed -- that is good. [Forbes]

'Live Free or Die Hard' helmer Len Wiseman will direct a big-screen adaptation of the graphic novel 'Shrapnel,' in which humans have colonized every planet in the solar system and formed a Solar Alliance to govern them. The colonists on Venus fight back under the leadership of a self-exiled former Marine. Hmm ... do they call themselves "The Rebel Alliance"? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Veteran visual effects supervisor ('Hancock,' 'Iron Man') Matt Gratzner will make his directorial debut with 'UFO.' Based on the '70s TV show, the film follows a secret military operation hidden beneath a Hollywood studio charged with battling the aliens who kidnap and kill humans for their body parts. [Variety]

'The Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss is moving on to movies. He and producing partner Chris Briggs are relaunching Next Films with former William Morris agent Emily Hirsch as VP of production and development. Please, no 'Bachelor' feature films. [Variety]

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