Alice In Wonderland
Tim Burton's take on the classic Lewis Carroll book is just as creepy as you might expect. Johnny Depp is the stand-out as The Mad Hatter, but Tweedledum and Tweedledee will give you the willies too and the Cheshire Cat has more teeth than could possibly fit comfortably in his mouth. This may be the movie Burton was born to make. The tumble down the rabbit hole begins on March 5.

The Book of Eli
This trailer basically shows Denzel Washington being a bad ass in a bleak post apocalyptic future set thirty years after a global war has wiped out most of the population. Washington's character is walking across the wasteland carrying a book that can somehow save humanity. Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis also star. Look for this on January 15.

Kate Beckinsale stars as a U.S. Marshall stationed at an Antarctic research base who must find a murderer before the sun sets for six months. Based on a series of graphic novels, this kind of reminds me of 30 Days of Night mixed with elements of The Thing. This will be out on September 11. a href="">Saw VI
Good lord, another one? If this is your cup of tea then it will be ready in time for Halloween.

Ninja Assassin
Larry and Andy Wachowski produce this action flick directed by James McTeigue who brought us V For Vendetta. Martial arts and revenge make for a classic combination, but other than slick production values I'm not seeing much that makes this one stand out. This one comes out on November 25.

Mystery Team

A trio of one-time boy detectives who are now too old for the game find themselves embroiled in a murder investigation. This looks pretty low budget (not necessarily a bad thing) and reminds me a lot of The Venture Bros. TV series (could be a good thing). The film arrives in select cities on August 28.

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  • St. Trinian's - British comedy set in a girl's school full of misfits and troublemakers.
  • An Education - In 1961 a 16 year-old school girl finds her boring life upended by a handsome 30-ish suitor.
  • Flame & Citron - The story of two Danish resistance fighters during World War II.
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  • Whip It - A young woman played by Ellen Page tires of the beauty pageant scene and turns her energy toward roller derby.