Maya Entertainment, a multifaceted company that produces, distributes, and exhibits Latino films, has teamed up with Blockbuster to present the Maya Inaugural Indie Film Series. These seven full-length films include La linea (The Line), a drama about a drug cartel in Tijuana; it packs an impressive cast, including Andy Garcia, Esai Morales, Valerie Cruz, Armand Assante, Ray Liotta, and Danny Trejo.

The film series just started in Los Angeles and kicks off in NYC August 1st, expanding across the US this September. Read the official list and descriptions after the jump. a href="">The Line – The story centers around a veteran assassin as he tracks down Pelon, the elusive head of the Salazar Crime Cartel, set in dusty backdrop of Tijuana, Mexico. The film stars Andy Garcia (Ocean's 13), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Armand Assante (The Mambo Kings), Esai Morales (Fast Food Nation), and Danny Trejo (Grindhouse).

Bajo La Sal – An official selection at the Morelia Film Festival 2008 with award-winning performances, this thriller from first-time director Mario Munoz follows a series of murders which leads Commander Trujillo to Santa Rosa de la Sal, a town close to a salt mine, and to Victor Zepeda, a lonely teenager who works in his father's funeral home and loves to make animated horror films. Victor might know the murderer and his budding romance with Isabel, a stripper, makes him a target. The film stars Humberto Zurita and Irene Azuela, who won an Ariel Award, the Mexico equivalent of an Oscar, for her performance.

Vicious Circle – Set on the streets of today's Venice Beach, CA, Vicious Circle is a tragic punk rock Latino love story; a raw, edgy, teenage Romeo and Juliet with a murder mystery twist. The film follows 18-year-old RJ as he runs through the streets of LA with a blood-stained shirt and a gun in his backpack. The film stars Paul Rodriguez Jr. (The Brothers Garcia), Emily Rios (Quinceañera), Robert Zepeda (Gridiron Gang), and Paul Rodriguez (One Long Night).

Bad Guys
– A shrewd female attorney with a grudge against a system that screwed her, schemes to produce and distribute a wicked new designer drug based on an opium derivative to earn a fortune - and a measure of respect. The film stars Kate del Castillo (Under the Same Moon) and Danny Strong (Gilmore Girls,Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Sultanes del Sur (Southern Sultans) – A band of thieves steal $12 million from a Mexican bank and travel to Argentina to launder the money. When the deal goes horribly wrong, they have to figure out who double crossed them and how to get their money back without losing their lives! The film stars Tony Dalton (Matando Cabos,Efectos Secundarios), Jordi Molla (Elizabeth: The Golden Age,Bad Boys II), and Ana De la Reguera (Nacho Libre).

Cronicas Chilangas (Chilangas Chronicles) – The adventures of 3 people who all have strong obsessions. The paths of all these three characters are entangled in a dark and hilarious comedy of errors. The film premiered at the 2009 Guadalajara Film Festival and won for "Mexican first work," "Mexican screenplay," and "best actor" for Patricio Castillo.

Once Upon a Time in Rio
– Dé lives in the slum quarter of Cantagalo, in Ipanema. Son of Bernadete, a house servant and abandoned by his father, he has learned the hardships of earning an honest living while surrounded by crime. One day, Dé meets Nina, the only child to a rich lawyer who lives in the Vieira Souto Avenue, a tony beach-front address. Love is born despite their living different realities in a city divided by prejudice and economic differences. The film stars Thiago Martins, Viroria Frate, and Rocco Pitanga.

Máncora – From the director of La Mujer de Mi Hermano/My Brother's Wife, and the writer of Voces Inocentes/Innocent Voices comes Máncora, a tender and pulsating road-trip drama that delicately traces the
shifting emotional boundaries between three disconnected souls. The film stars Enrique Murciano (Traffic,Without a Trace), Elsa Pataky (Snakes on a Plane), and Phellipe Haagensen (City of God).

Check out Maya Entertainment's website for details, dates, and trailers.