It's been a winding road for Eric Red's 100 Feet to find a home on DVD here in the States. I'm not entirely sure why, either. It's a well made, well executed B movie that often times hits the spot in ways bigger budgeted haunted houses like The Haunting in Connecticut never do. Plus the star of this story about a woman on house arrested who can't escape the ghost of her abusive husband is the very beautiful Famke Janssen. One would think the combination of X-Men's Jean Grey, Eric Red (who was big in the '80s with scripts for The Hitcher and Near Dark) in the director's chair, and a few notably brutal poltergeist sequences would be a simple sell to a distributor. Not so, apparently.

When I was in Korea last January I was able to find copies of the Region 3 DVD all over the place, but in America 100 Feet was relegated to a Saturday night premiere on the Sci-Fi channel followed shortly by an exclusive rental agreement with, I believe, Hollywood Video. Which is frustrating considering I could walk into a Best Buy right now, tip over a shelf in the horror isle and likely not find a better recent haunted house movie than 100 Feet. Thankfully is reporting that will change this October 20th thanks to The Asylum. Yes, that's right. The producer/distributor of a sea of schlock from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus to Snakes on a Train will finally be putting out a disc for a film that doesn't require a drinking game to be good. While Asylum's website does have cover art exclaiming the disc "Unrated and Uncut", there is no list of special features, but even the R3 DVD had an informative 'making of' segment. Click on down for a 100 Feet trailer or click over here for my review, but if you want the short and sweet of it, I'd at least recommend saving this to your Netflix queue. It's overdue, but worth a look.

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