One of the bigger surprises of the late-summer movie geekery is that Stephen Sommers' G.I. Joe is getting surprisingly positive reviews! I guess it's just that late-summer action flicks are assumed to be moronic by default, but that hasn't prevented a big fistful of online movie geeks from expressing their incredulous praise for the family-friendly action flick. Our own Todd Gilchrist saw and enjoyed the flick, and we'll throw you a teaser excerpt after the jump, but he reminded me that there's nothing really like hyper-kinetic and virtually mindless action films when you're in the mood for something fun.

With that in mind, I humbly offer a few of my favorite "Mindless Mayhem Moments."

The final car chase in Doomsday. Well-cut, well-scored, and wonderfully manic.
ANY car chase in Death Race.
The alley brawl in Charlie's Angels.
The alley brawl in They Live.
The ridiculous car chase in The Rock that was actually a late re-shoot.
The phenomenal opening scene of District B-13. And the casino brawl.
The dislodged mill wheel sword fight in Pirates 2.
Gene Hackman delivering a Denzel bitchslap (twice!) in Crimson Tide.
Con Air. Deep Rising. Hard Rain. Yep, all three.

Or if you're in a big hurry, throw Crank, Running Scared and Shoot 'Em Up into a multi-disc player and push "random scene." Do dvd players have that button? Well, they should. And here's the piece from Todd's review that reminded me how much I actually adore "Mindless Mayhem."

The song that plays over the closing credits of the film is the Black Eyed Peas' new single "Boom Boom Pow," and it – and the majority of their music, quite frankly – is emblematic of G.I. Joe's charms: full of irresistible, disposable hooks, it's superficial entertainment at best, but satisfyingly so if you're into that kind of thing. The characters are just as one-dimensional as when they were actually one-dimensional, including the substance of their heroism or villainy; the action is as ridiculously huge, even if here, as opposed to the eternally-upbeat cartoon, those involved can't always parachute or otherwise escape to safety. But who needs a G.I. Joe universe where things are more complicated or subtle than that? Certainly no one who actually has a vested interest in seeing the film.

Full review next week! And of course you're invited to share your favorite "MM" moments as well.
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