If you know your pirates and are a fan of classic cinema, then I'm sure I don't need to tell you about Captain Blood. The 1935 swashbuckling classic starred Errol Flynn as a doctor convicted of treason who escapes to the Caribbean to join forces with a French pirate, and was the role that made Flynn a star. But here we are 74 years later and suddenly the word 'remake' started to come up in conversation over at Warner Bros. That was almost a year ago, but not only is the film still in the works, the story is about to get one hell of a venue change. Variety now reports that Daybreakers duo Michael and Peter Spierig have been hired to direct an update that would transplant the action to outer space.

Back in December, Monika brought us the news that John Brownlow had been hired to pen a faithful remake, but now it looks like Brownlow will be going back to square one with his script. Blood's producer, Bill Gerber, promises that even though there are some changes afoot for the update, "There are some things you don't mess with, and that is as classic a movie storyline as you will ever find."

But here's the big question: Who will be our new Captain Blood? It's a mighty big part to fill; Flynn was a legend of Hollywood and the granddaddy for every bad-boy with a heart of gold to come after him. It's a role that requires charm, action, and a way with the ladies. The project could be a gamble for WB, but I guess as long as it doesn't turn into Ice Pirates 2, things should work out just fine.

After the jump: My suggestions for the new interstellar Captain Blood
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Johnny Depp
Well, he's already played a rapscallion pirate before, which probably means he's done with that scene. But come on! The guy's got lovable rogue practically written on his forehead.

Nathan Fillion
Again, here's another actor with 'pirate' experience, and while he might be a bit more of a cowboy than a refined English doctor, remember, Blood only starts off as the civilized-type.

Hugh Jackman
There is just something about Jackman that seems from another time. He's got the right combination of swagger and sensitivity to have the ladies (myself included) melting in their seats -- remember Flynn was not only an action hero, he was a romantic one too.

Gerard Butler
Mr. Butler, if I may be so bold: please stop starring in romantic comedies. You are very charming, and definitely know your way around an action scene. But, it would truly be a waste to throw that all away to make tired jokes about 'Men being from Mars'.

So there you have it. Those are my suggestions, but who do you think could fill Flynn's 'scabbard' in the update? Sound off below...
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