I'm going to sound like a broken record with all the "Oh my gosh, he / she was so nice" remarks, but the happy truth is that all the ComicCon talent I encountered this year was ridiculously nice. Sam Rockwell was no exception. He's exactly as you think he would be: quiet, friendly, low-key. One of my finest moments was having my druthers enough to compliment him on Moon, and he was so flattered it was if he had never been complimented on it before. Call it good acting, call it being humble, whatever. He's a cool guy, and I feel so bad for being leery of him after his creepy turn in The Green Mile.

Coming up is Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau, so keep reading, they should be up by midweek.

[On whether or not it was fun to be out in Hall H and part of Iron Man 2 -- not sure which, impossible to hear. Sorry readers.]

No, it's exciting to see that trailer, you know? That's an exciting thing, because we just wrapped a week ago.

So you haven't seen dailies or anything?

No, it was really wild to see that. It was really exciting.

One of the cool things looking at this cast, and the people who are making this movie, is that everybody comes from a sort of indie background. I don't want to disparage, but it's real actors and real filmmakers working on this. Does that create a definite vibe on set, a sort of small, indie environment as a result?

It is. It really feels like you're a part of the All-Stars, you really feel like you're there to do something cool. You're right, it's not just a big studio movie with thrills and chills. It's very actor friendly, and cinematically it's just phenomenal. It's big filmmaking, and yet it is very accessible to actors in a way that independent film is. It's very actor friendly for sure. It's cool.

Go below the jump for the rest! style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;" />[How would you compare it to] working on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Yeah. I mean, that was different. That character ... that was more like Monty Python, a little bit. A little more prosthetics for me. But that was silly. Sometimes that even felt more like silly, fun, crazy. This is much more of a dramatic thing, I think. Although I would love to do a sequel to Hitchhiker's. Zaphod's got stuff to say.

Is Justin Hammer a physical threat to Tony Stark?

That I will not answer. But I like that you're asking that question. But yeah, you'll have to wait, get the popcorn, and check it out. But as you can see, Mickey is a bit of a threat.

Sam, to fans who might not be familiar with Justin Hammer, how would you describe him?

He's a bit of a Lex Luthor, mixed with a little Bill Murray in Kingpin, George C. Scott in The Hustler, a bit Bernie Madoff, a little Steve Jobs, you know? He's an amalgam of a lot of different archetypes ... A little bit of the Jeremy Piven character in Entourage. It's an amalgam of all different things, you know? And I think it's still developing. We don't know what Justin Hammer becomes. He becomes something else. He's starting off one way.

Do we see [Justin Hammer as] a rival Stark?

He's an arms dealer. It's not dissimilar to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or something, it's got that kind of tone to it.

So Duncan Jones says he's going to have you appear in his next film. Are you going to play Sam [Bell] again?

Yeah. I think it's a cameo. Something like that. I think so, yeah.

Is it cool to see that little movie [Moon becoming] something a lot of people are seeing?

Yeah, it's phenomenal. It's amazing. It's like a dream come true. I didn't know if it was going to last a week or two, and it's been going strong. I'm really proud of it.

On the first Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau really [rewrote] the script. Has this been a similar [process]?

Yes, yes, it has. Although, we had one writer on the whole time, Justin Theroux. He wrote a complete script, and stuff changed, but we at least had a complete structure which I think helps a lot.

Do you like that kind of atmosphere, where you can just ... ?

Yeah, I do. It was kind of like Charlie's Angels except that it felt bigger, in a way. I really trusted Jon Favreau, and Justin Theroux, and Kevin Feige that this thing was going to take shape. I feel like you're in good hands, a lot of smart people are pulling the strings on this. So I felt pretty good about it.

Is Justin Hammer the kind of bad guy you come to know and feel bad for, or is he just a bad guy [you hate]?

You know, that's a good question, and I don't know if I can answer that until I see the movie. Of course, I would hope that you feel bad for him. But I don't know. We'll see. I have my own things that I was trying to do, but we'll see what ends up on the big screen.

What is his motivation [for pursuing Tony Stark]?

It's not dissimilar to Saleri in Amadeus, I suppose. It's basically jealousy. That's the main thing ... He doesn't have the same skills, and I think he looks up to Tony, and then Tony doesn't really want anything to do with him, and so he's going to take him down! But we'll see. We'll see what ends up there on the big screen.

So what have you got coming up in the next year or so?

You know, that's it! I'm just hanging out. I might do a play.

Is that how you really recharge your batteries?

Yeah. Well, plays suck all my batteries too! I'll have to recharge them after that. I don't know what I'm doing. i'm just going to hang out and see what happens.

Can I ask, is that sort of the way you manage your career? You're not really hunting for the next thing, just waiting to see what comes along?

Yeah, usually I'm just a hired gun. But I've gotten very lucky with guys like Duncan Jones, and these [Marvel] guys, and George Clooney, David Gordon Green. I've lucked out. I've never gone so far as to get a production company or anything like that. I just sort of -- whatever comes along, I've been picky. I've been less picky recently, I've been saying yes more, and I've been having a good time. I think I'm happier working and stuff, you know? Working with Jared Hess, and I got to work with Robert De Niro recently, and so I find I just -- I'm better when I'm working. I'm a little exhausted, I wouldn't mind taking a break.

Is the less picky thing, is it because the quality of stuff that's coming your way is getting better?

I think it's more of a -- there are a lot of good things when you look for them. Sort of a "If you build it, they will come." I find if you show up, it comes together. If you're going to show up and play, then you never know. If you don't go to the party, you don't know what's going to happen. But if you go, something fun might happen. You might make a movie like The Assassination of Jesse James. I wasn't sure about that one, and then I went, and I think that's a beautiful film, and I think it'll be around for a long time. That's nice.

Same with Galaxy Quest. That just had its anniversary!

Yes, that's right. Ten year, right?

It's survived. It's a cult classic. Are you surprised by that?

It has! [laughs] I think it's a great film. People love that movie. I don't know if it made enough money to do a sequel, and it would be pretty silly to do one at this point.

Maybe with Star Trek being rebooted and coming back, there could be a Galaxy Quest reboot.

I don't know what the hell we would do with it. It was such a funny thing at the time. All these -- Missi Pyle and Justin Long, all the rest of the people ... That's how I met Justin Long, on that. We're good friends now. I had a really good time. People love that movie.

Will there be a sequel to Robin's Big Date any time soon?

You know, we might do one actually! It's funny you should say that. We're looking for a Riddler and a Penguin. We're looking for one. I think we're going to make one.