It doesn't happen every day, but this week, you can see Chris Kattan doing something a little different. Known as one of the goofier Saturday Night Live alums, his gigs don't stretch much farther than head-swinging nights at the Roxbury and stints as Corky Romano. But now he's getting slightly more serious for IFC. See, Kattan's starring in a 3-part miniseries called Bollywood Hero, which kicks off on the 6th. He plays a fictionalized version of himself, sick of being skipped over for leading man gigs, so he heads to Bollywood to get a starring role in a film called Peculiar Dancing Boy. Sounds apt. There is, of course, comedy, but not the sort we're used to when Kattan's name popped up.

Speaking with the Fresno Bee, Kattan said: "The part about the heroic film lead is not true. I did want to be Indiana Jones when I was young. But now I know that's not the kind of roles I am going to be offered." So while he might not be looking to follow in the footsteps of Harrison Ford, he is itching for humor/drama combos, and offers Lost in Translation as an example. Kattan in dramatic comedies... It's an intriguing notion, and one that would be great if he can pull it off. There's nothing quite like the casting choices that sound shocking and terrible, only to be moments of genius when you see them on the screen. If he can pull a more serious career out of his Mango-filled past, that'd be a triumph. Although it would be much more wild if he was cast, and kicked arse in, an action gig like Indy.

Do you think he'll ever get the opportunity to take on dramatic comedy, and how do you think he'll fare if he does?

In the meantime, you can check out a trailer for the miniseries right here....

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