The Soloist
It seemed like the sort of project to explode with praise and critical acclaim -- Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx in the story of a talented homeless musician who once went to Julliard. The reality, however, didn't live up to expectation. In her review, Jette Kernion said: "the overall film isn't compelling, and the plot falls into the easy traps of traditional melodrama." Still ... Rent it. Also on Blu-ray.

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One of the classic cases of reviewer v. audience. The story of a psycho Beyonce didn't charm the critical eye, and Scott even said: "Obsessed feels a lot like a refugee from the Lifetime Network that just happened to have a budget." Nevertheless, it exploded. I say Skip It ... but I have a feeling that won't matter. Also on Blu-ray.

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a href="">Labor Pains
Lindsay Lohan plays an office assistant who wants to shmooze her boss and save her job, so she lies about being pregnant thinking that they can't fire her while she's with child (a fun fact she learned from Law and Order). She manages to not only save her job, but also get promoted -- all the while faking a pregnancy about to do her in. Yeah. Skip it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Mutant Chronicles
A steampunk tale of a future where humans battle mutants who want to annihilate the human race. But Thomas Janes, Ron Perlman, and even John Malkovich can't save this flick. At the very least, one would expect camp value, but as William Goss said in his review: "It's a murky film, in terms of both plot (overcooked) and visuals (underlit), proudly artificial and yet burdened with a severe pulp deficiency." Skip it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Out tomorrow, on the fifth, is Steven Soderbergh's epic Che -- The Argentine and Guerilla. In 257 minutes, Benicio Del Toro embodies the iconic figure of Che Guevara -- from working with Fidel Castro to overthrow Fulgencio Batista to his execution in Bolivia. In his review from Cannes, James Rocchi said a number of good things, culminating with: "Bold, beautiful, bleak and brilliant, Che's not just the story of a revolutionary; in many ways, it's a revolution in and of itself." Buy it.

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The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Based on Michael Chabon's novel, Pittsburgh focuses on a college grad itching for one last fling before entrenching himself in the real world. Scott wasn't too pleased with it, calling the film "an inert, episodic, and familiar piece of very typical festival fare." Skip it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Big Trouble in Little China
A John Carpenter classic -- Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton, a truck driver whose simple quest to pick his friend's fiancee up from the airport gets him embroiled in a kidnap plot -- with Chinatown tough guys, indestructible warriors, and other zaniness that can only be found in a Kurt Russell action film. The Blu-ray contains both the PG-rated cut and extended cut with never-before-seen footage*, plus all the other goodies on the special edition DVD. In other words, this is Blu-ray to get.

* Note: Unfortunately, although early reports noted an extended cut, Fox seems to have nixed that goodie. Nevertheless, as our Scott Weinberg says: "The ONLY new supplement on the Blu-ray (which looks awesome, by the way) is a score-only audio track. The film is the theatrical (aka only) version, and the extras are the ones from the standard SE."

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There's not a lot of collector's goodies this week, so I direct you back up to the Blu-ray column and Big Trouble in Little China. Or a box set of The Love Boat: Seasons One & Two?

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