Would anyone have imagined that the boy from Growing Pains, who popped up in Critters 3 and Poison Ivy, would not only become one of Hollywood's big stars, but also a production powerhouse? It seems like Leonardo DiCaprio is picking up a new project every day, to the point where one wonders if he's figured out a way to live without sleep, or has a clone doing half of his work. While he has merely 33 projects to his name thus far (including short television stints), DiCaprio has his toes dipping into 25 other projects.

It was 24 when he grabbed Little Red Riding Hood, and now 25 as The Hollywood Reporter'sRisky Biz Blog reports that after the speculationa yearago, DiCaprio is producing Ridley Scott's adaptation of Brave New World and he is planning to star in it. That's 25 projects where he's either producing, starring, or both. And if you take out the 4 television stints he had, he's 4 projects away from being involved in as many projects (at once) as he's acted in over his entire 18-year career. And then there's the range of projects. We had an inkling that DiCaprio wasn't your usual teen star when he grabbed Gilbert Grape, but that was only the first step. He had a literary stint playing Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carroll, and Shakespeare's classic Romeo. He embodied other real-life names like King Louis XIV, Frank Abagnale Jr., and the epically strange Howard Hughes. He's done his blockbuster romance with Titanic, dusty westerns with The Quick and the Dead, mafia fare with The Departed, and he's even been linked to a Teddy Roosevelt project for years. In development, that diversity continues with links to -- surfer Miki Dora, Timothy Leary, Cat's Cradle, a remake of The NeverEnding Story, Ian Fleming, The Twilight Zone, and even a live-action Akira and Aquaman.

There's no doubt that DiCaprio is here to stay, and save for a few unfortunate remakes in the list (like NeverEnding), he concerns himself with a pretty fresh and unique list of projects. (Considering the economical movie landscape, one can't really blame him for being involved in the remakes studios love.) I just wonder if he's really involved with a lot of these projects because there's only so much one man can do!

So I ask you: Is there anything he can't do? A genre he couldn't tackle or role that's well out of his reach? A realm of cinema he should stay away from?
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