I'll throw down the gauntlet right now. The Thing is the best horror movie ever made.

Now that that indisputable fact absolutely no one will have a problem with is out of the way (right?), let's talk about how Universal is hoping to bleed more money out of the best horror movie ever made by returning to it nearly 30 years later. It has been long known that Ronald D. Moore was writing the planned prequel/reboot and that his intention was to not remake John Carpenter's film, but instead to backtrack from its opening sequence and explore an avenue the source material intentionally left vague: What happened at the Norwegian camp?

But that was when Moore, who so brilliantly rebooted "Battlestar Galactica" on television, was the only screenwriter. He's off the project, replaced by Nightmare on Elm Street remake screenwriter Eric Heisserer. Bringing in a second screenwriter is nothing out of the ordinary in the studio system, but one can start to worry when they're brought in specifically to rewrite somebody else's script.

Fortunately Heisserer cleared some of the air with Bloody Disgusting about the rewrites and what he had to say is quite the relief:
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"It's a really fascinating way to construct a story because were doing it by autopsy, by examining very, very closely everything we know about the Norwegian camp and about the events that happened there from photos and video footage that's recovered," he continues, "from a visit to the base, the director, producer and I have gone through it countless times marking, you know, there's a fire axe in the door, we have to account for that...were having to reverse engineer it, so those details all matter to us 'cause it all has to make sense."

Phew! It sounds like Moore's direction for the film is intact. Now if only Heisserer could officially squash the rumor that RJ MacReady's brother factors into the story...

Read his full comments, including a hint of a possible start date for filming, here.
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