Tom Cruise's son Connor and 'Transformers 2' star Isabel Lucas join the 'Red Dawn' remake, 'Twilight' sucks the life out of its Teen Choice competition, 'G.I. Joe' battles to box office glory, and more of today's top movie headlines. img hspace="8" border="0" align="left" vspace="8" src="" alt="" />Tom Cruise's son Connor Cruise and 'Transformers 2' starlet Isabel Lucas have joined MGM/UA's upcoming remake of the '84 cult classic 'Red Dawn,' about a groupl of teens who spearhead an insurgency when America is invaded by Russian and Chinese soldiers. Also in the cast are Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki, Josh Hutcherson and Edwin Hodge. Wolverines! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Those crazy kids sure do love their 'Twilight.' The hit vampire romance sucked the life out of its Teen Choice Awards competition, winning 11 surfboards (aka trophies) -- including best lead acting honors for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and best villain for Cam Gigandet -- at last night's ceremony. [PopEater]

Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou has replaced Stephen Chow as Seth Rogen's chauffeur/kung-fu-fighting sidekick Kato in the action-comedy 'The Green Hornet,' which casts Rogen as a media mogul by day and masked crime-fighter by night. Cameron Diaz is in negotiations to play a reporter and Rogen's love interest, and Nic Cage is in talks to play the lead villain. [Variety] | [The Hollywood Reporter]

'G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra' won a stellar victory over not-so-kind reviews this weekend, battling its way to the top of the box office with $56.2M domestically and another $44.3M overseas for a "Yo, Joe!"-worthy $100.5M total. 'Julie and Julia' nabbed the second spot with a very respectable $20.1M. [PopEater]

Thought the 'Halo' movie was dead? Think again. Steven Spielberg is in talks to produce 'Halo: The Fall of Reach,' a big-screen adaptation of the hit video game that follows genetically-enhanced human super-soldier Master Chief and his artificially intelligent companion Cortana as they lead future humanity in a battle against aliens. [IESB]

Frank Langella is in talks to play mentor to Shia LaBeouf' rookie stock broker in the Oliver Stone-directed sequel 'Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.' Michael Douglas is on board to reprise his Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gekko, so it's safe to say that greed never sleeps, either. [Variety]

'Wedding Crashers' director David Dobkin has been tapped to helm 'Change Up,' a body-swapping comedy written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the duo who scripted this summer's runaway R-rated hit 'The Hangover.' [Variety] | [The Hollywood Reporter]

Tara Reid has joined Tom Arnold and Christopher Lloyd in the indie comedy 'Last Call,' about two cousins (Travis Van Winkle and Ryan Hansen) forced to run a family pub. Tara Reid is still getting work? We'll drink to that. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Terrence Malick's IMAX documentary 'Voyage of Life' is getting an A-list boost: Brad Pitt will narrate the film, which reportedly depicts the "birth and death of the universe." Pitt also stars alongside Sean Penn in Malick's upcoming drama 'Tree of Life.' [The Playlist]

'The Hurt Locker' director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal are reteaming for the action-adventure 'Triple Frontier,' which will be set in the lightly patrolled border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil -- where the Igazu and Parana rivers converge and organized crime thrives. [Variety]
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