A few weeks ago at ComicCon, Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau gave some hints as to what we could expect from the movie Marvel universe. Now, I bet you want to hear from a director who gets a little left out in all this crossover talk: Louis Leterrier.

Leterrier sat down with the LA Times and talks all about what it's like to play in the onscreen Marvel universe. Turns out, he was once in talks to direct Thor but declined (he's just not a fan of early Thor), and would love to have helmed Iron Man or Captain America. "But, c'mon, a Frenchman doing Captain America? They would burn my passport." But Leterrier has seen the designs for Joe Johnston's Cap, and what he describes is pretty intriguing. "I have seen some of the design work they're doing for Captain America and it looks amazing. It's a period piece and it's like Raiders of the Lost Ark and with more gadgets ... It's Raiders meets Rocketeer and Saving Private Ryan. It's going to be so cool."
The director revealed he was contracted for another installment of The Incredible Hulk, but is unsure of its status. In the meantime, he'd love to be considered for The Avengers, though his dreams are that he, Favreau, Kenneth Branagh and Johnston would all be allowed to do their own Avengers. "We do four movies. We release them one a month for the summer. Or even every two weeks or three weeks. And the whole summer would be Avengers summer. So we do it the way they make television shows. One story arc but told in installments by different directors. So all of the directors that touch part of the Avengers world would do a part; we could make the movies shorter, maybe less than an hour and a half, and we use the same sets and save Marvel money. I would love to sit around a table with all of them a kick around the story. That's my dream." Well, now it's mine too. Crap!
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