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If you aren't yet convinced that the Twilight marketing machine is way out of control, look no further than these brand new Twilight barbie dolls (pictured above). This should be an interesting scenario for those Twi-hards who love shopping for Emo-related gear at Hot Topic and hate everything that Barbie stands for. What ever will they do now? [People]

-- According to the Los Angeles Times, Paramount will begin developing a G.I. Joe sequel real soon after the film opened up by taking in $100 million worldwide. The entire cast is contractually obligated to appear in one more film, though director Stephen Sommers can opt out if he wants.

Back in May it was confirmed that 20th Century Fox would dole out a Wolverine sequel, and at the recent Teen Choice Awards Hugh Jackman confirmed rumors to MTV that it would take place in Japan and quite possibly feature an adaptation of the 1980 comic co-written by Frank Miller that featured Wolverine fighting ninjas. Sounds awesome enough to me ...

What in the world was the point of a video featuring girls in bikinis reading Star Wars lines? I have no idea, but it's pretty darn amusing if you ask me. Check out the video -- along with more stories -- after the jump.

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-- Our peeps over at Horror Squad have up a bunch of PSAs for the the zombie comedy Zombieland, which released a kick-ass r-rated trailer the other day, and is sure to rock it come October.

-- Vulture reports that Greg Grunberg, the pilot from the first episode of Lost, may return for the final season, telling TV Guide that he's been asked to to come back -- leading many to assume that, yes, the final season will follow the lives of the cast members while an alternate timeline in which they never crashed in the first place plays out.

-- Have you seen the second trailer for Where the Wild Things Are? No? Then what the hell are you waiting for -- this thing is brilliant! Watch it below ...

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