The world of Twilight never seems to end. Lately, we've had everything from Teen Choice Award sweeps and casting drama, and here's a little more for the rabid fiends out there:

First, it looks like joining Eclipse was a chance for Bryce Dallas Howard to reconsider a turned-down role. While Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke couldn't enlighten us more on the Summit kerfuffle, she did tell Just Jared that the series is finally getting their first choice: "I know we originally asked Bryce Dallas Howard to do the first movie, but she thought it was too small a part at the time." I guess a world-wide phenomenon was enough to whet her appetites and pounce like a hungry cat when Rachelle Lefevre got embroiled in schedule drama. Sneaky Opie-offspring. Meanwhile, those insatiable fans who will self-combust if they have to wait until Friday to see the new New Moon trailer before Bandslam are getting a little crumb to descend upon a few days early. And we mean little ... check out a 14-second teaser below.

Sheesh. I'm so glad I'm out of the impatient fandom of youth. These bit-by-bit releases remind me of the days I'd scour Buffy websites for all the different trailers each week -- just to catch as many clips as I could. What do you think of these fourteen seconds, Twilight fans? Enough to whet your appetite for the trailer, or a complete waste of time?