This Week's Discs: 'The Last Resort,' 'See No Evil,' 'The Wild Man of the Navidad'

The Last Resort
A couple of weeks back, the first issue of a limited-run comic book series written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray titled The Last Resort came out, featuring topless babes, dissolving flesh, and a huge explosion. It was awesome; I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Sad to say, this movie has nothing to do with the comic book.

It does, however, feature America Olivo (AKA the dark-haired topless babe from the opening sequence in the Friday the 13th remake) and a storyline about five girlfriends enjoying fun and games on a "perfect paradise vacation" before they must take shelter in an abandoned resort. They are safe until "an ancient evil is unleashed in this haunted haven." Directed by Brandon Nutt.

See No Evil (Blu-ray)
I missed this one both theatrically and on DVD. Feel free to either ridicule or congratulate me. A psychopath is alone with his nightmares until a gang of petty criminals and the cop responsible for putting the psychopath away happen across his hiding place. Kane -- who I'm guessing by his name is a former professional wrestler -- stars as the psychopath, Jacob Goodnight ... and a good night to you, sir!

The Wild Man of the Navidad
I like the sound of this one: "Deep in the woods along the Navidad River, someone or something has left its lair to rip a trail of ferocious carnage through the local population. Is it man, monster or Lone Star myth? And in a rural community commanded by the Bible, corrupted by moonshine and ruled by rifles, can anything stop the vengeance of a beast unleashed?"


'The Crypt'The Crypt
Craig McMahon has made a series of low-budget flicks, and his latest follows a small group of criminals who decide to go grave-robbing in the catacombs beneath their town in hopes of striking it rich. Instead, they encounter ghostly guardians who don't take kindly to intruders.

The Weekend Murders
The title may sound all-American, but this is a giallo from 1972, directed by Michele Lupo (Arizona Colt). A murder is committed right after the reading of a will at a country estate. Is a jealous family member making up for being left out of the will? As the butler and other potential suspects are murdered, a Scotland Yard inspector joins with a local constable to solve the case.

Dark Rising
Skirting the edge of the horror genre, Dark Rising might appeal with its promise of "a broken heart, a battle ax, a demon and a lesbian ex-fiancee." As always, your mileage may vary. However, please be advised: Jason "Christian Cage" Reso of the WWE and TNA Wrestling is featured.

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