When Universal shuffled their slate last month and pushed The Wolf Man back to 2010, they filled its early November void with the alien abduction thriller, The Fourth Kind, and as such have wisely opted to attach their first trailer to District 9 (which I'm guessing must be some sort of Milla Jovovich biopic).

Jovovich plays Dr. Abigail Tyler, a Nome, AK psychiatrist whose multiple patients are all spilling forth similarly cryptic stories of what would appear to be occurrences of bona fide alien abduction. (Anyone else picking up a Fire in the Sky vibe all of a sudden?) Uni and Gold Circle appear to be taking the same angle that led their White Noise to a surprising $24 million opening weekend -- that angle of "some of this is totally maybe real." Seriously, here's that teaser for the sake of comparison. They even used the same font, and the this-is-a-movie-but-sorta-kinda-based-on-true-events framing device is not unlike that of Lionsgate and Gold Circle's own hokey The Haunting in Connecticut (opening weekend? $23 million).

Other films based on true events have managed to creep me out from time to time, I'll admit, but I've grown increasingly wary of marketing campaigns that can't help but rely on them. Will Patton and Connecticut's Elias Koteas do get my benefit of the doubt, and I'm pretty sure that Ms. Jovovich could sell me a flat tire with or without any true events to base her sales pitch on, so who knows.

The Fourth Kind opens on November 6th, and would dearly like to end up in that $23-24 million range; let's hope for their sake that the ads abduct a couple of us skeptics along the way to the box office.