Edgar Rice Burroughs's sci-fi series Barsoom, perhaps better known as John Carter of Mars, has long been considered too big for the big screen. Filmmakers of all shapes and sizes have been trying to adapt the property for close to 100 years now, which must be some kind of record. In recent years the likes of Robert Rodriguez and Jon Favreau have all lined up for a shot at the epic adventure series, but all have found the prospect of an American Civil War veteran mysteriously transported to Mars too daunting a tale to tackle.

Disney's not flinching, though. They're throwing a silo full of money at Wall*E director Andrew Stanton to make John Carter of Mars the first ever live-action Pixar film. Set for release in 2012 (the centennial of the seminal planetary romance series), Stanton's adaptation will find Spider-Man 2 screenwriter Michael Chabon behind the typewriter and Taylor Kitsch (Wolverine's Gamit) in front of the screen as the titular star. But now, thanks to entrepreneurial spirit and a copyright that expired decades ago, one no longer must wait three years to see a Confederate soldier fighting in another civil war on the red planet. That said, you will *want* to wait three years, because the alternative in question is a preemptive cash-grab from mockbuster extraordinaire's the Asylum. That's right, the studio who confusingly stock the shelves of Best Buy with titles like Transmorphers and Snakes on a Train are accomplishing in 2009 that which has only been attempted since 1912. Princess of Mars will star Antonio Sabato Jr. and Traci Lords and is such a well meaning production that it doesn't even have an IMDb page, just a product slot on the Asylum's website.

Unlike most Asylum titles, however, this isn't just a simple name grab. Since the eleven part series is in the public domain, Princess of Mars will be joining Disney/Pixar's John Carter of Mars as an actual adaptation from Edgar Rice Burroughs' original source material. I've never read the works myself so, please, correct me if I'm wrong, but I have a hard time believing anyone other than the bean counters at the Asylum thinks that is a good thing.

Via Dread Central.
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